shopping malls, stores and Restaurants have enjoyed for years by Thousands of Swiss shopping tourists beyond the border to fill the trunk and then something nice to eat. The German is happy – apart from the annoying traffic chaos on the weekends.

Who wants to fill up before the ride home in Switzerland quickly in the petrol tank of the car, you quickly notice that the gas stations in the region of Bodensee, the high Rhine to the most expensive in the state of Baden-Württemberg. To this end, the “Südkurier”, has evaluated 13 million in fuel prices to around 1000 petrol stations in the state.

1.85 Euro in the cut,

Particularly striking is the development in Konstanz (D), a Swiss most popular city for shopping. In terms of petrol and diesel prices, the city on lake Constance is one of the most expensive in Germany. Proud 1.85 euros had to be paid in November of 2018, on average at the pump for a gallon of unleaded. According to the “Südkurier” is the by far the highest value for the past five years.

The reason: for Years, German car, have fueled drivers in Switzerland, as the Fuel was even cheaper. This tank tourism led to a gas station to die in the South of Germany. Many gas stations had to give up. In Konstanz, there are only very few gas pumps.

Up to 20 cents more expensive per Liter

“The remaining Tank stations here will be able to enforce prices are better than anywhere else,” says Thomas Rundel, Chairman of the Board of the South West energy trade Association (VEH) to the “Südkurier”. The logical consequence of this: petrol and Diesel cost up to 20 cents more than in the Rest of the country.