If you want to save energy when doing laundry, you should avoid using the dryer. Because it is one of the biggest power guzzlers in the home. In winter or when the weather is bad, however, this becomes a challenge: hanging the laundry out to dry in the apartment increases the humidity in the interior, which can result in mold. Outside, the right conditions are often not given. You should pay attention to this when drying clothes in winter.

Not every room has the right properties for drying laundry: a room that is as large and heated as possible that can be well ventilated is ideal. A room without a window is out of the question.

The kitchen and bathroom are also unsuitable – the humidity here is already high due to cooking and showering. The situation is similar in the bedroom: sweating and breathing creates a lot of moisture here at night, which makes the room particularly susceptible to mold.

A load of laundry contains a lot of water: between two and four liters. When drying, this increases the humidity of the room by about 30 percent. It is therefore important to ventilate sufficiently and keep an eye on the humidity. If it settles on the room walls or windows, it is better to open the window once more. Hourly airing is recommended in winter.

It is also important to place the laundry far enough away from walls, cupboards or other furniture so that the air can circulate well and they do not absorb moisture.

If the ideal conditions in the apartment are not given, you can also hang up the laundry outside in winter – this works very well even when the temperature is below zero. Sunny and dry winter days with temperatures below zero are particularly suitable. If the temperature is slightly above zero degrees, if there is fog or rain, it is better not to dry the laundry outside.

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