so Far, men are only condoms or sterilization as a contraceptive to choose from – a Gel to block the VAS deferens, is currently still in the testing phase. And to the “pill for the man” comes on the market, it may take a long time to come. And safe, long-term method of contraception we have to wait for a valve with a toggle switch that can be men in the VAS deferens, where it regulates the seed flow. The valve is of the bear is as big as a rubber. Only: for the admission to the market the money to the inventor.

Since 2000, the Berlin-based Clemens Bimek holds the Patent for the “apparatus for contraception for use in man”. With this valve, the husband may decide, by flipping the switch himself, if he is fertile or not. This works from the outside, through the skin of the scrotum. The switch in the direction of the body is upwards, the valve is closed. He is the direction of the lower part of the body, it is opened. The valve prevents the sperm plasma is enriched with sperm.

The surgery is outpatient, takes about half an hour and is performed with local anesthesia – Bimek itself, 2009 was the first man, to whom it was implanted. The valve sits between the two Ends of the severed VAS deferens. In each end of the VAS deferens, a small spout is inserted into the the valve is clamped. “Dangerous, this prevention method is not for the body,” says Bimek. “The surplus produced sperm is derived from the epididymis through the valve in the scrotum and there by phagocytic cells broken down, the sperm flow is still guaranteed.”

not for the spontaneous prevention

According to Bimek the valve is a solution for a long-term family planning, but not as a spontaneous contraceptives. The man is not immediately after the Insertion of the valve sterile In the seminal vesicle remnants of ejaculate sperm directly after the Implantation still exist, which must first be mined. It takes about three to six months, or about thirty ejaculations.

as early as 2016, Bimek went with his invention in the test phase: at the Time, he was looking for 20 to 25 subjects. To doubted at the beginning that he might, if he would ever find a single, who had the valve implanted. Reported to have over 800 men from around the world. However, the clinical study requires Bimek 200 toggle switch copies. And the money is still missing – so far, the inventor himself is the only man in the world that carries the valve. And without animal testing and clinical trials that demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the toggle switch, there is no approval. It was planned that the valve is supposed to come in 2018 or 2019 on the market. But now the Revolution is in the male contraceptive is still longer to wait.

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