From the age of 35, health insurance pays for a general health check-up every three years. This is important but neglects the kidneys. Which values ​​are important to check the health of your kidneys and thus prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Medical check-ups are important and are part of the necessary mindfulness, as are sports, exercise, nutrition and perhaps yoga. The health check-up is available to everyone over the age of 35 with statutory health insurance every three years free of charge. Health risks and previous exposures should be queried and diseases should be recognized and combated as early as possible.

That’s why the health check-up deals with the most well-known diseases and determines many values ​​- but it neglects the kidneys! Only the urine test for protein using a paper strip test is required. What has not yet been planned: The determination of the two most important parameters for assessing the performance and the state of health of the kidneys. The two values ​​are the eGFR and the UACR.

Werner Riegel has been chairman of the German Kidney Foundation for 16 years. Until October 2021 he was director of the Medical Clinic III at the Darmstadt Clinic with a focus on kidney, high pressure and rheumatic diseases. Further information about kidney health can be found on the website of the German Kidney Foundation.

Good to know: In the case of acute illnesses and suspected diagnoses of kidney disease, all examinations are reimbursed. If you have an acute illness, the health insurance company will take care of all the necessary examinations – regardless of your age. This is especially true when a doctor identifies risk factors for kidney disease. Then the kidney check with eGFR and UACR can also be carried out.

If you have type 2 diabetes mellitus and are enrolled in a so-called disease management program, you can be pretty sure that the values ​​mentioned will be determined regularly by your family doctor. So take the chance and have your values ​​checked regularly once you are enrolled.

The important values ​​are the eGFR and the UACR. The determination and evaluation of these two parameters is actually not complicated, but they are not yet fully established in the statutory preventive programs. Therefore, this examination is not yet listed as routine by the health insurance companies.

Info: The German Kidney Foundation is campaigning for more awareness of these two values ​​with its current campaign “Two for Two”.

And don’t forget to check your blood pressure! Because it is mainly controlled by the kidneys.

By the way, check-ups are also available at a young age. Between the ages of 18 and 34, your health insurance pays for a one-time health check-up. The health check-up is worthwhile in any case, in order to maintain security for your health. This form of mindfulness is covered by health insurance companies.