How these figures correlate with the data of the Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI), which is annually a national rating of the investment climate, “RG” asked the head of the far-Eastern representative office ASI Olga Kurilova.

Olga, in the ranking of ASI, presented in the past year, indicators of administrative pressure on business in the far East was much worse. The year everything changed?

Olga Kurilova: Index, which is the unit of the Russian business Ombudsman, based on data from the regional commissioners, territorial bodies of Federal authorities, the Ministry of economic development, Rosstat, information, judicial statistics, Federal bailiff service, Federal service for employment. Also, take into account information from the Unified register of checks carried out that Rospotreb-rostec-the Russian agriculture-, the service for labour and employment, emergency housing and on – they account for more than 90 percent of Supervisory activities. The index reflects a measure of the repressive nature of the regulatory bodies, shows how they behave – warn, fine or suspend activity.

you Need to understand: important ratings, compiled and apparatus of the business Ombudsman, and the ASI, but in the Titov index is not indicated business problems, it is more for reflection inspection bodies. The task of the National rating of the investment climate is to measure the efforts of all levels of government in each region of the country. When planning, experts VTSIOM conducted anonymous surveys of 300-400 entrepreneurs in the region. Ask, did business with pressure from the Federal, regional and municipal authorities, natural monopolies, law enforcement agencies – the interior Ministry, prosecutors and the Investigative Committee.

In fact, the measured pressure on the businessman from all sides, it does not matter, does the body scan or it depends on how fast the object is connected to networks.

Boris Titov has its data on criminal cases against entrepreneurs, and they largely coincide with polls in the regions.

How far Eastern regions is less than fortunate with the security forces and other oversight bodies?

Olga Kurilova: judging by the rating of ASI, submitted last year, on administrative pressure said more than three thousand far Eastern entrepreneurs. Often businesses are faced with the actions of the natural monopolies – when you connect to the energy, water, heat. In second place is law enforcement. Most of the checks and cases of corruption on their part was noted by the entrepreneurs in Primorsky and Khabarovsk regions and Republic of Buryatia.

Affected by the actions of the tax pain��e only in the Jewish Autonomous region, Transbaikalia, Khabarovsk territory, where people complained about the locking of accounts, and some companies with millions of revolutions that occurred over 10-15 rubles. So this was not the case, it is necessary to change the law. And such an initiative is already there.

The large number of checks, the Federal government conducted in the Magadan region, TRANS-Baikal and Kamchatka regions. By the way, Kamchatka last year showed one of the best results in the district, taking in the ranking of the investment climate on 28-e a place. And if not for the history associated with inspections from the Federal bodies of Executive power, the region would have risen on 10-th position.

Often in the regions say: “We can’t affect Federal agencies.” But Sakhalin region turns out. They have operational headquarters, actively working and authorized platform “” Incoming issues are discussed at the investment Council under the Governor, so he knows the current situation. In such cases, the number of inspections and requirements to the subjects of control otherwise, and this is important, given that one check may stop or destroy your business.

At the end of 2019, the ASI has launched a platform “Sabines.of the Russian Federation” – for appeals of entrepreneurs on illegal, in their opinion, actions of police officers. Recently, the applicant of Yakutia told about the illegal harassment and seizure of property by the investigator of the interior Ministry. The Central apparatus of the ministries responded instantly, recently it became known that the Supreme court of the Republic reversed the arrest.

Can you predict which regions will rise in the ranking of the investment climate higher than last year, will emerge the leaders?

Olga Kurilova: Forecast – a thankless thing, especially in the current situation: because of the pandemic, the experts at ASI have a few months of not visiting the regions had little contact with entrepreneurs.

However, a good dynamics must be TRANS-Baikal territory, which last year was in the bottom of the list at 84th place. He has to start, and the command of the Governor during the year carried out a great job. There began to operate investment advice, new working groups emerged to address various issues, merged Ombudsman for entrepreneurs and “business foursome” and Trading-industrial chamber of region, regional branch of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs, “Delovaya Rossiya” and “OPORA Rossii”, that is, it was built not just a model of governance and started to improve horizontal communication, the lack of which – the real trouble in the regions. Sometimes we come to some meetings, and people who could explain the issues, no. For example, the complaint goes to the municipal administration, and GLava municipality no, he sent his Deputy, the head of the Department, and so on.

What the best practices were implemented by the regions over the past year?

Olga Kurilova: In Primorye to conduct investment advice, began to connect the municipalities. That had never happened before, meetings were held in a limited circle, or not passed at all.

In the Khabarovsk Krai there is a very good practice at meetings of the business Council there are representatives of Federal authorities, heads of municipalities and deputies of the regional Legislative Council. They take questions on the pencil and, if necessary, together with the business community to make changes in local laws. This region is very active entrepreneurs, which keeps the power in the tone. If they are preparing an appeal, we always reinforce it with facts, figures, statistical calculations.

When the post of the Governor of the Amur region was elected Vasily Orlov, the region was one of the highest in the country indicators of administrative pressure. The problems stated 33 percent of entrepreneurs. We invited the Governor to make a group in the messenger, including heads of Supervisory bodies and business associations. With this chat issues were addressed much faster, and in a year the Amur region has become the country’s only region where this indicator has improved by 11 percent. And, judging by monitoring, is a positive dynamics.

coming Soon a new national rating of the investment climate, and we know how advanced the regions.