After the drastic words of Bayern star Robert Lewandowski about his desire to change, there are clear words from press portals. Especially in Poland, the striker’s home country, and Spain, where he would like to move to.

Reactions to Lewandowski’s words: Robert Lewandowski makes it absolutely clear that he no longer wants to play for Bayern. As so often in the past, the striker (only) speaks plain language when he is in Poland with his national team: Bayern is over for him, he said on Monday. The statement triggered a wave of reactions, “Sport1” summarizes the best press comments.

“Lewandowski detonates bomb:” The Polish portal “Gazeta Wyborcza” writes: “Lewandowski detonates a bomb.” The portal “Fakt” says: “The press conference with Lewandowski begins with an earthquake.” And “Super Express” comments: “Robert Lewandowski shocked at a press conference!”

“Open war with Bavaria”: There are also violent reactions in Spain, where Lewandowski wants to go: “Mundo Deportivo” headlines: “Open war between Bavaria and Lewandowski!” And “Marca” writes: “Barça applauds his help: The Pole has been pushing for Bayern to say goodbye for weeks!”

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