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not only Ivanovo city of brides, but also the center of the Russian textile production, so the meeting with field workers President Putin to have serious talks about other proposals is to make the Constitution the concept of “the working man”.

“the People who work in the office, I sit at the computer, — it’s also working people. Therefore, the notion, of course, filled with other content. But still the basis of prosperity of any nation, society stands at the center of the working man. So to celebrate this, the basic law is absolutely necessary,” — said the head of state.

parachute factory “Flight” Vladimir Putin for the umpteenth time repeats: the constitutional reform is intended not in order for him to provide a “Golden parachute” in the form of posts, which would be equivalent presidential.

– If you are not the President, then, maybe, you’ll lead some other state body — the security Council or the state Council? You somehow categorically rejected all these proposals. Why? You are tired already from this work? You just don’t say — asked the President.

My job is including in this meeting. Is it possible to get tired of it? A pleasure. But seriously, any person, if he were in my position, I am sure, sees it not just as a job but as fate. And so I to this and am. I am infinitely grateful to people for what they trust me, support. Without support it is impossible to work at such a place. Since 2000 years, most severe, and somewhat bloody, if it were not for the support of the people, nothing would be impossible to do. What I fear, why I don’t want to undo time? I’m not afraid for myself, I do not come down, but it’s not about me. We make amendments to the Constitution not even in five or ten years, at least thirty years, I think fifty. Most important of all the stability, peaceful development of the country, but then whenTran type more confidence, more resources of all sorts, blubber, that is, then certainly you need to ensure the alternation of power. And now — to fix, remove from the Constitution the mandatory turnover. I don’t don’t like it, first.

the Second is to move to a parliamentary Republic, in many countries practiced. We have without a strong presidential power, the country will be bad, we have no stable political parties that, in Europe, centuries growing, but even there very large failures in the parliamentary system. Or proposed to give the state Council any special powers and to lead the Council. What will this mean? This will mean a situation of dual power in the country, that Russia is absolutely disastrous. It is not that I don’t want, no, I like my job, but in order to maintain its authority, to go on some scheme to the government, which would be unacceptable for the country or will destroy it — that’s what I’m afraid of, that’s what I want to do”, — said Vladimir Putin.

He abides by every letter of the Russian Constitution, his hand which had sworn allegiance to the country. Here it is — the book — is stored under the bulletproof glass in the Kremlin, in the Library of the presidential administration. The only instance it can be taken only in special gloves. Back cover — made of thin red leather, the cover — slip with a silver emblem and a gold inscription “the Constitution of the Russian Federation”. In the beginning, before title — special sheets with signatures of presidents, they are added after each inauguration. And in the end filed all the amendments which have been made in the basic law.

While there are only a few pages, but the President is sure that the Constitution, written a quarter century ago, when the country was experiencing not the best times, now needs a serious correction. First of all, in order to consolidate the achievements of the Russian sand all this difficult period.

Vladimir Putin speaks to the leaders of major Russian parties. Amendments to the Constitution discussed — without exaggeration — the whole country, only the working group to clarify the wording — the President met three times, and now — new – parliamentary — level.

“I would Like to have remained the consolidation, which was during the consideration of bills in the first reading. All political factions have expressed support for the concept,” said Vyacheslav Volodin, Chairman of the state Duma. Moreover, the amendments from all parties included in the final version of the document.

Changes in the Constitution is ripe, that according to the vast majority of citizens of the country, and the opinion of the state Duma here — as section of sentiment in Russian society.

“a Very important and serious amendment on the indexation of pensions at least once a year. I really hope that in the practical implementation of this norm of the future Constitution, we will not forget and about working pensioners,” — said Sergey Mironov, head of “Fair Russia”.

Citizens are guaranteed by the state: for affordable medical care, support of pensioners, entrepreneurs, and workers.

“This is extremely important, including the role of the Russian language. With special attention to children, women that while you are working, mom and dad, traditional values for us are extremely important,” — said the head of the CPRF Gennady Zyuganov.

a Separate issue – sovereignty. Politicians and citizens are in favor of the amendment on the ban on the alienation of Russian territory. New degree of protection of the country.

“Very supported, strengthening the sovereignty and independence of our country. People very actively to raise these issues. Very important support of compatriots”, — said Sergei Neverov, head of United Russia.

“And in social terms, in the political, governmental, culture — all the positions can only be commended. I do not understand those who say, why do it. Everything has improved,” — said the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

And all this together — as time is proposed by the President, the concept of the welfare state.

“it is crucial that updated the Constitution of the United people regardless of political views, from the level of security, from the region of residence, nationality or religion. The Constitution is the basic law that would consolidate society. The amendments have tried to Express the Russian national idea. Such the Constitution has never happened before”, — said Vladimir Putin.

“It is about heritage that makes us who we are. When we talk about the national idea, it is necessary to record. We do not forget their ancestors, we know what we get from them ideals, faith, faith in God, the continuity. That’s all we emphasize. We — one people. We have a common culture that separates us from all that needs to be protected by the state, not just to be available to anyone, protected by the state, be supported. And in this culture there are ethnic differences that also must not only confess, but protected by the state. We have two objectives: to protect our Russian language to fulfill a specific function, it’s also an international language. And at the same time, we must protect all the languages of the peoples that we live in the country, from the largest to the smallest, because even the smallest language is a great value,” says Mikhail Piotrovsky, member of the working Commission for amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the General Director of the State Hermitage.

the article, which mentions God, it is not about religion: in our country is an unconditional freedom of religion, no one has repealed the provision in the Constitution about the secular nature of Russia. There — on the succession of generations and the historically established state unity.

“the wording says that the ancestors have handed down to us the faith in God. Gave as well as the culture, traditions, language. By and large it is the right of every person, as it is this legacy to dispose of. But the fact that it is dedicated, is the most important part of our culture, a religious identity . We simply fix in the Constitution is the most important position. The state remains secular,” said Andrei Klishas, a co-chair of the working group.

For the General unity of the country — Russian now appear in the Constitution as the language of the constituent people, it is clear that the strength of Russia in her national colors, — our countrymen speak 174 languages. That’s next on the equality of all who live here nationalities.

“the national culture through the Russian language adds to our culture, our art your strokes. Rasul Gamzatov said that he would, if I didn’t know the Russian language, to be a poet one village. Only in Dagestan, more than 30 national languages”, — said Vladimir Malyshev, the rector of VGIK, the President of the Association of institutions of art and culture.

But the opinion of another poet of the Caucasus — most of his books Ishaq Kh wrote in Adyghe, but they became popular only after translation into Russian.

“I am a national poet, a poet, a writer in their native language. At the same time I am a writer of Russian literature,” said Ishaq Kh, the national poet of the Republic of Adygea, Hero of labor of the Russian Federation.

the Document is drawn up, but the wording can still be correct and in the state Duma and the Federation Council. The only condition President — the fate of the changes were necessarily resolved with the participation of citizens on the national ballot, which will be held on April 22.

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