Two days down, two days to relax. There was no more for Stefan Küng after the end of the Tour de Suisse. Today, it is for the 25-Year-old again, seriously. At the Swiss Championships, he creates in the time to 2017 and 2018, the title hat-Trick. Küng is less than 30 kilometers, 46 seconds in front of the Berner Youngster Marc Hirschi (20). Bronze catches up with Reto Hollenstein (33), a further Thurgau.

Specifically, this: The battle against the clock takes place in küng’s home Canton of Thurgau, more specifically, in Weinfelden, organized by the VC Bürglen-Märwil. But that’s not all: in The road race on Sunday, which is performed by the VC Fischingen, is Küng even part of the organizing Committee.

How to do this? Quite simply: it is Not only Stefan, but to the whole family Küng is radbegeistert. So mother, Brigitte, is sitting in the OK of the Swiss Championships, and brother Patrick is Treasurer of the club. Last year, the question arose then, whether or not Stefan would be happy to participate. “I’m here with the wheel on the road and know what it takes for a nice stretch. The Chance to help at home on this occasion, was perhaps unique. I grabbed”, according to Küng, compared to SRF.

But is it also fair that one of the Top favorites with suggestions in the route plan? Wheel-hope Stefan Bissegger (20): “We are all glad that küng’s – Stefan – work.” He is Bürglen member of the VC-Märwil. And speaks clearly: “If someone is pimping, he is to make it yourself.” Bissegger know how demanding it is to race perform. So it is only logical that the respective Veloklub designed the race according to the qualities of its driver. The VC Fischingen and is also Patrick Schelling and Reto Hollenstein – you also have how to Küng, the Tour de Suisse in the legs. Küng with a smile: “Our club has three trump cards in the Sleeve.”