In the spring, presenter Vera Int-Veen announced the end of her TV career. Now she makes it clear that she is fine with this decision.

Vera Int-Veen was part of German television entertainment for around 30 years. From 1996 she presented her talk show “Vera am Mittag” on Sat.1 for about a decade. More than 2,000 episodes were broadcast. From 2007 she was then seen alongside many other engagements as a presenter on “Schwiegertochter sucht” on RTL.

At the end of March, Vera Int-Veen announced that she would end her TV career. Your decision is clear and was made last year. In the RTL interview on “VIPstagram”, the 54-year-old now talks openly about her plans for the future and the financial possibilities after 30 years on TV.

The viewers have always loved her optimism and cheerful nature – and in the interview it becomes clear that Vera Int-Veen did not have to pretend. She is beaming and says about her retirement from the TV business: “It’s a good time after 30 years. I prefer to decide to stop before someone comes and says: We don’t want Olle anymore. Now I leave with a happy, warm feeling.”

Vera describes her everyday life away from the cameras with the words: “I wear a lot more sweatpants. If I know we don’t have to be in front of a camera, I’ll already have my jogging jacket on in the morning and say: Hello world, here I am.”

Anyone who concludes from these words that Vera would now withdraw at home is wrong. Vera rules out turning her back on her homeland forever (“I love Germany. I could never emigrate because I’m always happy to come back.”). However, she has big travel plans, stating, “Our honeymoon is going to be around the world and it should definitely be in Hawaii. We haven’t really managed to do that yet. We will catch up on that in the next 12 months.”

Vera Int-Veen has been married to her longtime friend Christina (nickname Obi) for a good five years. The wedding was then celebrated in Mallorca.

Vera Int-Veen does not have to worry financially either, the trip around the world and the coming years as a pensioner seem secure. On this point, too, the likeable North Rhine-Westphalian does not mince her words and answers the relevant question: “I was a producer for years, I did a daily talk show for ten years, after that I was always on the evening shows, Obi and I have them Don’t ever waste dough. $1.5 million is an underestimate. We’ve got more.”

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