“Tagesschau”presenter Franz Fischlin (56) invites you tonight in Bern at the “Talk of the Grill” (SRF 1, 21). Its guests to a Meadow on the Aare river are directly below the Federal Parliament, the presenter Andrea Jansen (39), the recruiter Peter Brönnimann (53) and Mujinga Kambundji (27), the fastest woman in the Switzerland.

Fischlin what do you prefer: Bratwurst/sausage or an expensive piece of filet? Or rather fish? Or are you a vegetarian? And meat replacement products? A this now in Trend Beyond-Meat-Burger tested?
Franz Fischlin: no, tested never, I’d like that. I eat meat, fish, vegetables and cheese from the Grill. Actually, everything. But for me, friends and family: around the table – everything else is a side dish.

Since the us men going on the Hunt, we are left with at least the preparation of the meat. No, Fun aside: In the case of us in the neighborhood will be pretty fired up to be balanced. The women have conquered the Grill for a long time.

appealing to the naturalness of the Situation. During the Grillierens and later during the meal, conversations automatically, as a result.

And the smoke bites in your eyes?
no, to be moved to tears or other personal history at the most.

Yes, I think so. The Situation is more personal and authentic than in a Studio. There you can hide the cameras and the spotlight never quite.

Franz Fischlin was on 3. November 1962 born in Bern. After training as a photographer and a journalism studies in Freiburg, he came in the year 2000 for Swiss television. To see the first at noon, took Fischlin 2004 as the successor of Charles Clerc is the main issue. The News-man is married to “10 before 10”-presenter Susanne Wille (45), the two have a daughter and two sons. Two daughters are from a previous marriage.

We turned at my request, in Bern, where I lived for many years, and worked. Bern to me is still very close, a kind of home. We grilled in the vicinity of the Switzerland-wide well-known picture pool. With a view to the Bundeshaus and next to the river Aare. So the natural and urban environment in one.

We have recorded the two shows, where I was a guest and then the host within a week.

Set Andrea Jansen, what is the next hostess. I wanted Mujinga Kambundji and Peter Brönnimann. Peter is an outstanding, innovative advertisers and since the common journalism studies in Freiburg, a very good friend. Mujinga, I did not know prior to our Meeting. I wanted to include them because you are learning as a top-level sports, not only by power strikes, but also as a personality, through their positive and communicative manner. Both, Mujinga and Peter said, by the way, right off the bat. What pleased me very much. And all four of us have a direct connection to Bern. Three-in-exile Berner, so to speak, and a “right from Berne” (Mujinga).

The combination of “Tagesschau”-Moderation and the management of the “media club” is in my eyes perfect. But if an offer came, I would smile to me, of course, consider ().

Our agendas are effectively full at the Moment. But my wife is too important to me, as I would see them (laughs).

Oh, thank you for the compliment! Getting Older certainly has the advantage, that one has to live already experienced many stressful situations and survived, and thus, overall, calm is.

seven (1935-2019 ) has often been praised for his sovereign distance to the News. He has never made it important, or overrated. This is also your attitude, how you should message to get noticed?

I see myself effectively as an intermediary and service provider. Also when I run the program, the contributions in the “Tagesschau”, or the guests in the “media club” is more important than I am.

I know not yet. At the Moment, it makes me great Fun. But we’ll see.

the Newsroom the “daily show” has a new Look. Can you tell us, what are we going to see?
We’ll see News. With No Frills. The new “Tagesschau”Studio comes across simple and functional. It is deliberately avoided any gimmicks. The content should be in the center.

no, the election broadcast is coming from the old Studio. (Note: Who is the presenter of the “daily show”, is still open. The large twelve-hour program will be moderated by Susanne).

your commitment to quality journalism is large. Where do you see urgent need to catch up?
action, I see the funds. Good journalism costs. And the more Private the advertising revenue plummet, and the less people are willing to pay for journalistic content, the greater the risk that costly research must be omitted is. Journalism is the life insurance of democracy, media Minister Simonetta said Sommaruga recently. I can only write.

In warm weather, less people turn tend to be. That’s true. Whether you are grilling, that is a different question. But we are generally very satisfied with the switch-on rate. Since the beginning of the year to have a look at an average evening, about 650’000 people, at 19.30, the “tagesschau”.

The children look to the “Tagesschau”. But not because of dad. Are you interested in the world. By the way, more and more. And also read newspaper. Without pressure from the parents (laughs). What pleased me, of course.

Absolutely. You do not respond, especially if you do not understand something. Also, because it is too complicated. This point of criticism, I think, by the way is very important. I think, intelligibility should be for us to convey News, always in the centre.

hobby grillierer ? You are grilling with charcoal, or with a Gasmodell?
I’ve grilled with charcoal, now I am switching to Gas.

Actually, everything. From water to wine. Just as important, the right music is.

I’m definitely not a professional, I’m just happy if it is edible. In addition, the table round is always very large. Since I can’t have a Gault-Millau-claim. The Timing has to be right.

My guests had to not be “grilled”, you have answered my questions all.

Fischlin ?
If I have the feeling that someone is evading my questions, trying to deflect, then I can do my charm on the side (laughs).

on the Grill is the one. They also know how to delete it again?
Yes, of course. And when Gas is even easier. A Brand I have never been.