Donated in 2012 by President Vladimir Putin, the head of Japan’s Northern Akita Prefecture Norihisa Satake, the Siberian cat named Peace was sent to the isolation due to the fact that he too was threatened by the coronavirus, said the Governor.

the Norihisa Satake said that the Japanese authorities were alarmed by news from the United States about the infection of coronavirus Pets. Therefore, the World is now placed in isolation and does not communicate with anyone except members of the family of the Governor. “I hope for a speedy end to the current situation where the threat of contamination and suffering of people and animals,” said Satake.

the World has a very good appetite, good and cheerful temper. He gets along well with six other cats in the house of the Governor. He Is very fond of the cat, and his soul is resting, when he sees his face.

Sam Satake in 2012 gave Putin a puppy Akita inu named Yume (Dream) as a sign of gratitude for Russia’s assistance in the aftermath of the accident at NPP “Fukushima-1”.

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