The era of classic diets is over, says nutrition expert Uwe Knop. He names the 5-phase plan with which the change in diet succeeds – and with which you can already make your body fit for the next summer.

Anyone who would like to “appear” with their new, slimmed-down dream figure in the summer of 2023 should start working on it now. Because: Successful and, above all, sustainable weight loss not only requires a well thought-out life analysis, honest self-reflection, preparation and planning, for which you should take enough time – at least 7 months should also be planned for the phase of moderate weight reduction through long-term lifestyle and dietary changes in which one loses about 2 kilograms each time.

Uwe Knop, born in 1972, is a qualified nutritionist, author and speaker for lectures at professional associations, companies and medical training courses. His book “Successfully lose weight and stay slim” was published by Springer-Verlag.

For example, if you start the emotional and organizational preparations for your life and heart project “New dream weight forever” in autumn 2022, you can already be 14 kilograms lighter in May 2023 – and the “slim summer” can come. It is essential that you go your own way, which fits perfectly with your own personality, because: only this absolutely individual way leads to the new desired weight in the long term. The new five-phase plan, developed on the basis of current scientific data, shows what this path looks like.

There is now a clear consensus in science: the days of classic diets are over because they don’t make you slimmer permanently – because they lead to exactly the opposite via the yo-yo effect: people not only get fatter, but also store more body fat. In addition, dieting is considered a gateway drug in eating disorders. For those who have successfully lost weight and want to maintain their desired weight in the long term, there is only one key to the goal: Only your very own, individually tailored path, which is maintained permanently, leads to the ‘holy grail’ of successful weight reduction: And that is the outstanding ability to maintain your new desired weight in the long term, ideally forever.

Low carb is no better…

In the field of nutrition research, weight loss dogmas are currently falling like dominoes. It was only in January 2022 that the highest authority for scientific evidence, the Cochrane Collaboration, made it clear with its current large-scale study: Low carb, i.e. the extensive avoidance of carbohydrates, offers no advantages over other calorie-reduced forms of nutrition when losing weight. Shortly before, the German Diabetes Society also dismissed Low Carb as the “best diet”. Anyone who now thinks reflexively: “I knew it: Intermittent fasting is the ultimate way to lose weight!” should also say goodbye to this myth.

The work on the bikini figure or the six-pack for the coming summer begins now. In order for you to reduce your weight sustainably and for rolls of fat not only to disappear, but also to stay gone, constant work is required, not a fast diet. In our free webinar on Thursday, October 6, from 7 p.m., nutritionist Uwe Knop will explain what you need to look out for, why 85 percent of all diets end up with the famous yo-yo effect and how you can avoid it. GET YOUR FREE TICKET HERE!

… and neither does intermittent fasting!

Because now a new specialist publication in the German medical journal MMW confirms what is already well known from numerous previous studies in the professional world: “The effects of intermittent fasting do not differ significantly from those of other diets. It essentially depends on the patient coping well with the diet.” The further MMW conclusion reads as usual when different diets are compared: “Intermittent fasting can help to lose weight when the calorie balance becomes negative. The effects on the metabolism do not differ from other forms of diet.” Another current publication from April 2022, published in the renowned “the new england journal of medicine”, has now confirmed for the umpteenth time that intermittent fasting is no better than “simple” Calorie Restriction: “In patients with obesity (obesity), time-limited (16:8 intermittent fasting) nutritional therapy was no more beneficial than daily calorie restriction in terms of reducing body weight, body fat, or metabolic risk factors.”

Another JAMA study followed in August 2022, which should now finally debunk the myth of the “overdiet” as a shambles: The interval fasters lost a good 2 kg more in 14 weeks than the “normal dieters” (6.3 kg vs. 4 kg) – the big but: There was no difference in the loss of fat mass in the two groups – so the scientists suspect that the additional weight loss resulted from the loss of muscle mass during intermittent fasting.

“Successfully lose weight and stay slim” by Uwe Knop

Just as a paradigm shift is currently taking place in healthy nutrition – away from general standard rules towards personally suitable nutrition (“precision nutrition”) – this is exactly what the scientific consensus on sustainable weight loss looks like. Staying slim can only be achieved by maintaining your very own, absolutely individual path to success over the long term. Two central core credos are: “Nutrition is the duty, sport is the freestyle” and “Those who do without a lot must enjoy more”.

from October 2022 to May 2023 and “forever”:

Phase I à Honest Self-Reflection/Life Analysis (OCT. 22)

Who am I, how do I live, how healthy am I, why do I look like this, why am I/feel too heavy, what behavior patterns/routines have led to this; what I want

Phase II à analysis of eating behavior (OCT/NOV. 22)

Keep a 14-day book: What eat

Phase III à Reset Your Mindset! (NOV. 22)

Reorientation of the personal attitude/thought pattern/mentality and goals: Where do I want to go, which “new me” do I want to see when and in which “form”? How do I get there? Which way

Phase IV à lifestyle

Creation of a new individually tailored diet and lifestyle plan that suits me (forever!), that I like and look forward to – because it will leave me with a moderately negative energy balance (approx. -500 kcal/day) and an expected Weight reduction of about 2 kilograms/month within 7 months will lead to 14 kilograms less body mass in May 2023.

Phase V – maintenance phase – plan for life! (MAY 23 – “forever”)

14 kg less is enough? Then, from June 2023, people will no longer lose weight, but the successful personalized lifestyle and diet change will be adapted to the new goal: lifelong weight maintenance. Accordingly, it is eaten with pleasure