Easy to Breathe a sigh of relief in terms of health insurance premiums: During the last of the premium hammer struck in the fall is always hard on the Swiss-Insured, could be the pain of this year, less gross. A survey of the “NZZ on Sunday” in the health insurance companies shows. The official authorisation, and therefore detailed Figures are missing but still. The premium publication of the Federal office for health comes only at the end of September.

Who is likely to be some of the lucky Insured? According to Helsana-in-chief Daniel dirt (53), the majority of the basic insured. These are figures for 2020 less premium than 2019. His assessment of the industry: “The chances are good that the increase is lower than last year. At the time, it was 1.2 percent. Now, the increase could be even deeper.”

Stable premiums or

, The CSS will reduce, in some cantons, the premiums, or at least not increase it. Total expects the second-largest Fund, with a premium increase of 1.5 percent. Number three, Groupe Mutuel speaks of a more positive premium trend. With stable premiums for a large majority of their reason, the Sanitas expects insured.

an increase that is on average lower than in the previous year, from Swica. No forecast for the development of Premiums was insurers KPT, Assura and Concordia.

No reversal of the trend

The Helsana-in-chief declared the stop of the premiums explosion with the health costs, which have grown only moderately. This is due to the Insured. “You are aware that it is neither for you nor for the System, well, if you race with any Bagatelle to the doctor and for everything as much as possible of medical services”, so the dirt in the “NZZ on Sunday”Interview. A popular alternative insurance models. There, treatments are more efficient and cheaper. Had a positive effect according to the CSS also the good investment results of 2018 out.

do not want to speak to speak Of a trend reversal health insurance companies-in-chief of dirt but despite the good news yet. Of course, the premiums would continue to rise, but more moderately. After all: “I am the good things that the years belong with premiums of premiums of 6, 8 or even 10 percent of the past.” (jfr)