precipitated As the Lausanne judges at the end of January your judgment, the decision as to how a bomb: Luzern granted to a few residents, and a reduction in the Premium.

several Times had reduced the intra-Swiss, the income limit to receive the health insurance rebate, most recently to 54’000 Swiss francs per family. The Federal court found well, it is with sense and purpose of the Federal legal requirements is said to be not compatible, if “only the lowest range of the mean income comes in the enjoyment of a premium reduction”.

The judgment of the Lucerne SP, which immediately went on the Offensive, and an Ultimatum was had sought: other cantons would have to respond, and an adjustment of the premium reduction. Otherwise, you would be sued, threatened the Comrades.

In Zurich, will benefit the most

The governments concerned have now responded – and how! “More than 72’000 children and young people in the future, thanks to the SP re a premium reduction,” says the social democratic national councillor Nadine mass Hardt (34) from Bern. This revealed a recent survey by the party in the different cantons.

The largest is the change in Zürich. In March, the government announced that the income limit of 53’800 62’900 Swiss francs to raise. Of these, 44 000 children would benefit. The government had borne in mind the principle of decision by the Federal court in “the case of Lucerne,” bill, it was said by an official body.

But need to spend in Bern (13’000 children), Lucerne (7800), Appenzell Ausserrhoden (1000), new castle (2600), and Wallis (3200) parents in the future, less for the insurance. The recent reaction to the verdict from Lausanne announced the day before yesterday, Rhoden Friday Appenzell inner.

taxpayers are eligible for discounts on

More relief for families, however, also means that others have to pay this money. With other words: For the new benefits the taxpayer.

For the SP is the success achieved but a stage, only the target. 26. February, the party launched its premium relief Initiative. Your goal: In Switzerland, no one should have to spend more than 10 per cent of disposable income for health insurance premiums. The concern developed for the Enjoyed a hit in an election year. The SP has according to own data already 55’000 signatures – more than half of the necessary 100’000.

Nadine mass Hardt, who also directs the national Council election campaign of the SP, is satisfied: “The high Tempo of the collection of signatures shows that the SP is with your premiums relief Initiative properly and a nerve of the population: “The high premiums are a real Problem for many people in Switzerland.” The population had “the right-wing Lobby Parliament” sick and tired of all the cost-cutting block measures in the health sector.

In fact, the pace is in the otherwise extremely slow health policy amazing: It can go forward in our country, if you only want …