Boys, to Love toys in all their facets: power, Barely clad waitresses, sexy Bar-in the ninth year of the erotic circus Ohlala up to its name. Queen of ice Denise Biellmann (56) has picked up a love spring from the matrix of the erotic shops Risqué: “So I have to buy. In the bedroom it can also be soft and sensual and go.”

Moderator Sven Epiney (47) came with his fiance Michael Graber (26) to the sexy Show from circus-Scion of Gregory the knee (41). “Eroticism is difficult to grasp,” says the TV man. “The right Mix of the Familiar and the New that makes it.”

Whether the erotic Show, the Gala evening was held for the first Time in aid of Pink Ribbon Switzerland, fueled by the togetherness at home? Football legend Hakan Yakin (42) admits: “I’m a little shy and waiting when you Seduce always, to my wife makes the first move.”