PREMIER Studios announced a video contest about life in quarantine

“President Vladimir Putin has declared all of next week off work and urged Russians to stay at home to stop the spread of the coronavirus. But forced quarantine – is not a unique opportunity to write the history of his family, his apartment – in the history of cinema?” – said in the appeal of these media.

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Also explain how it can be video. Drama, Comedy, biopic about the birth of the original startup. And maybe horror. According to the contest, each video must be no longer than 10 minutes and be a request for something more comprehensive – for example, the series or an online show. The description should clarify how it might develop shows the history and present of the Creator of the video.

to participate in the competition can both beginners and experienced filmmakers – anyone with a story to tell about how radically his life has changed over the last month, and who even in crisis, is ready to make new discoveries on the path to self-realization. The authors of the ten best projects, which will be chosen by an expert jury, PREMIER Studios will help to remove the story in its entirety, then show it to the world on the platform of the PREMIER.

“the Situation is that before we could only see in sci-Fi movies, was suddenly real, and it turned out that actually things are not exactly as we had imagined. Quarantine many by surprise – abroad, on vacation, in hotels, country houses, some on a yacht, and someone in the village with my grandmother. But those who spend it at home with my family, I am sure, have much to tell the world,” says the producer, one of the leaders of the PREMIER Studios Valery Fedorovich.

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“Now many of them now have the time to listen to yourself and observe others. We offer to use it effectively. I have no doubt that this crisis could give the world some really fresh, original and most importantly – true stories about those who find themselves in unusual situations. Create! And we will help you to realize the most daring and crazy ideas,” adds another Director, PREMIER Studios Evgeny Nikishov.

By the way, this is the platform was at the end of last year shows the episode “Epidemic”, which predicted the coronavirus. So the authors of the rollers from RG – take something life – affirming- as the scenario of our good future.