According to the publication, in Berlin this Saturday involved about thousand policemen. Only at Alexanderplatz took place just four “hygienic demonstration”, each had 50 participants, law-abiding keeping a distance of half a meter. Several hundred people gathered in front of the Bundestag. There all took place more rapidly, there were no arrests. As noted by Die Welt, along with a “crown-dissidents” who believe in conspiracy theories, the opponents of vaccination, and young people are clearly extremist in the crowd there were many simple burghers, far from politics and just “fear for their jobs.” Anyway, most of them were without masks and ignored the requirements of social distancing, reported by the local police, committed “numerous violations”. One of the informal leaders of the protest was the chef Attila Hildmann, which still conquered the German Housewives vegan recipes on television talk shows, and now actively “expose” the Federal government. Argued no less extravagant a media character – survivors coronavirus German comedian Oliver Poher, which, however, the guards somehow took in the midst of the debate.

at least a thousand protesters with placards “Freedom is resistance” and other slogans in the same spirit filled the Theresienwiese is a vast area in Munich, which usually hosts the famous Oktoberfest, this year cancelled due to the “crown”. The organizers actually wanted to make 10 thousand participants, but they were allowed to collect only a tenth. To prohibit a mass event in all the local authorities did not dare, although a requirement not to gather in large groups formally valid throughout Germany until the end of August. While the mass meeting, also approved by the authorities, was held in Stuttgart and was attended by about 5 thousand discontented with government policies. The ideological core of the campaign was the movement of the “lateral thinking”, sponsored by local entrepreneur Michael Ballyvaghan, which is constantly condemned by the authorities for the right to conduct their meetings without any restrictions.

But the administration Koblenz simply refused to hold any meetings. And in Cologne is declared a “city walk” consisting of thousands of people itself was divided into several small natural groups. In Hamburg, there were demonstrations as opponents of the restrictions associated with the “crown”, and their ideological opponents. The police, speaking constraining a cordon between the two camps, I counted each about two hundred people. At that time, as citizens in the tin foil hat meditated on the pavement with placards like “We are the Constitution” and “don’t let the chance of bill gates”, the left display��you are required to give back the ultra-right. In the end, “verbal fighting” and “beating” to avoid the failed. As stated in the local office for the protection of the Constitution, “even in the free Hanseatic city are the extremists,” wormed his way into the ranks of the protesters. “The composition of participants is very diverse – from the rank and file of the burghers to the conspiracy theorists. Freedom of Assembly is the Supreme good, but everyone is obliged to think about who works with him side by side,” warned the intelligence agencies.

About “wolves in sheep’s clothing, trying to sneak to smuggle in their anti-democratic aspirations in the heart of the society”, said the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of North Rhine – Westphalia Herbert Reul. But the Prime Minister of the region, the Christian Democrats and one of the contenders for the leadership of the party Armin Lachet unexpectedly showed solidarity with the demonstrators. “Demonstrations are absolutely legitimate, – he declared in interview to the newspaper Neue Osnabruecker Zeitung. – It is not surprising that people go to demonstrations when faced with the most significant limitations of their rights during the existence of the Federal Republic”. According to Lacheta, politicians, for their part, should lucidly explain to citizens the meaning of all of the imposed restrictions, that no one had any doubt that these restrictions are temporary. The Prime Minister also urged to be wary of “left-wing and right-wing extremists and “reichsburger” (radical anarchists who do not recognize the state institutions of Germany – approx.WG) who seek to use the protests for their purposes”.

Well, the Prime Minister of Saxony Michael Kretschmer personally attended the demonstration in Dresden. No one could not imagine that the head of the region suddenly come on the bike in a Large garden and want to communicate with their critics. “Defending the decision of the authorities, he demonstrated respect for alternative opinions,” said Die Welt. About an hour and a half of the policies conducted explanatory conversations with people, listening to “many critical questions”. Although some demonstrators demonstrated “verbal aggression” toward the Prime Minister, the majority still reacted to his deed with respect, and “some even applauded”. As he noted Mr. Kretschmer, of the decision to limit fundamental freedoms was given to the government is not easy, but at least he was glad that in Saxony, “there were columns of trucks with the dead from “kovida”, in Bergamo”.