Bayern Munich CEO Oliver Kahn has again pointed out the financial advantages of English football clubs compared to clubs in the Bundesliga.

Premier League rushes Bundesliga: The leverage is enormous, said Bayern boss Kahn in an interview with “Welt am Sonntag”: “By leverage I mean the combination of investor funds and more than three and a half times the income from media rights”. As a result, the English clubs were moving further and further away from the Bundesliga in terms of their salary structure. “The gap is growing steadily,” said Kahn.

Regulation by UEFA: Clubs could invest the immense additional income in a broader and more expensive squad. “Remaining competitive in this environment is a major challenge,” explained Kahn. To counteract this, UEFA reformed its controversial Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules in the spring. According to this, clubs may only spend 70 percent of their income on the squad in the future, including transfers and payments to player agents.

Competing internationally: Despite financial disadvantages, Kahn still sees FC Bayern in a position to have “14 to 15 absolute top players” in their own ranks. “If all the building blocks fit together in a season, we can win the Champions League in the future,” said Kahn. This season, the Munich team failed in the quarter-finals at FC Villarreal.

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