Surprised you RUB it in England’s eyes. Not ManCitys Sergio Aguero or Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah after five games at the top of the scorers list in the Premier League. Also, not Tottenham’s Harry Kane. With seven goals in five games (!) Chelsea’s Tammy Abraham towers above all. Tammy, who?

Abraham is 21 years old and a native of London. His mother is English, dad is from Nigeria. Since he is small, he plays for Chelsea. In the meantime, he collects while on loan experiences at Bristol City, Swansea and Aston Villa. Since the summer of
large clippers (1.90 m) but the squad of Frank Lampard belongs to.

Wants to be like Drogba

will have the London no choice: Due to a Fifa transfer lock may make it this year, no in-game purchases (violation of rules in case of Transfers of U18 players).

The penalty is for a blessing. Because that’s how the boy Abraham almost forced to kiss on the Hand.

to Be a great role model, Chelsea’s former star striker Didier Drogba is. “I’ve always wanted to be like him, always hungry for goals,” says Abraham. His Hunger for goals, the two-time English national team players impression is breastfeeding fully. Yesterday, he hits in a 5:2 victory against Wolverhampton triple. So he has made as a 21-Year-old in three consecutive games in the League, at least twice – the only Cristiano Ronaldo (in 2006) and Dele Alli (2017).

That Abraham hits yesterday against the wolves also into his own net, it remains, ultimately, just a side note.

Abraham swirls the island. He has used his Chance – and he knows whom he has to thank. After a goal against Norwich in August, Abraham runs to the bench and falls to Lampard in the arms. It was particularly, as the Chelsea coach young players support, says Abraham. “He gives us confidence. If a Coach believes in you, you want to give your Best and 100 percent.”

Nigeria or England?

Currently, is wooed the 21-Year-old hot. The Nigerian football Federation is trying to win Abraham for the national team of Nigeria. Because so far, this has denied to the English, only friendly games. The whole of England hopes that this would be a gem to keep. (sih)