a Lot of forms of premature ejaculation is related to a bad Interaction of the muscles in the body. It comes to arousal – and stress-related high tension, resulting in the so-called “Point of No Return”, i.e. the point at which the Come is triggered by a Reflex, and can no longer be prevented, is achieved early.

You have a clearly good feeling for your body. You feel already the high muscle tension and, apparently, even where it is located. The alcohol relaxes in turn the muscles, and would thus be actually a great drug – if not the risk of a dependency would exist and the quantities which you mention in your Mail, are definitely too high.

Because you feel the muscle tension that’s okay, you’re on an improvement of the Situation already close. Because if you feel tension, then you can also learn how to solve them. Imagine that the question of the Body, and pulsates gently or you by this point, through breathing. If you on this kind of a movement, and you’re coming out of the voltage out. Alternatively, you can also try to increase the voltage aware, once again, to feel and then Subside a contrast.

Through these and similar Exercises, you can learn to play with the voltage, and finally, with the excitement, instead of being at her mercy.

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