is It a Carriage, as we know from Disney-fairy-tale: White, round, with a crown decorated and Mold-drawn. Not Cinderella, but a Dollar Princess and her future husband is sitting. Shloka Mehta (28) and her fiancé Akash Ambani (28) celebrate in St. Moritz, GR, a hen night, as it is to be self-situated in best position of not yet seen. Over 100 million francs to the cost of the three-day Bachelor Party for the Indian billionaire Scion and his bride-to-be.

A fairy tale funfair for super

rich there is No doubt: St. Moritz is located in the state of exception. In front of the specially constructed festival grounds, hundreds of onlookers, 200 security men crowd patrol the grounds. Over a dozen journalists from home and abroad hopes in front of the safety fence on images of the high-class society of Mumbai.

As the first guests for 18 h in dark limousines ancestors and fur and winter, the fun fair boots Area you enter, you will hear from the speakers of the circus music. “It’s great, it sounds like the Knabenschiessen or six ring”, Christian Jott Jenny, President of the municipality of St. Moritz. “The Indian Ceremony is only a bit more exclusive and private.”

delay is due to Heidiland

the 850 guests arrived for the Party in the Engadin. All of them are not with the private jet directly to St. Moritz flew in, many came, according to Jenny, also with the Rhaetian railway or by Bus. A group remained on the road even in Heidiland stuck and came too late.

patience was rewarded funny, you could have a look on the Couple and guests catch a glimpse of. The bride showed up in a high-slit white dress and Chinchilla stole, and the groom in a rather sporty Look with plaid pants. To the company, an ice-skating show, a drone ballet and fireworks waited. Today, the Party continues, one of the highlights was a Husky-race, and according to rumours, a private concert of the British Band Coldplay.

Excessive celebrations in St. Moritz are for the Ambani Clan to Akash Ambani (28), and Shloka Mehta (28) is a no brainer. With an estimated fortune of nearly 50 billion Swiss francs of father Mukesh Ambani (61), unusual Locations and extravagant desires effortlessly Finance. With your company’s conglomerate Reliance Industries, the family’s year for year, billion – mainly in the petroleum business. Wedding Shloka Mehta also comes from betuchtem house. Your father is a part of Rosy Blue, one of the largest diamond corporations in the world.

If the Ambanis to celebrate, not a celebrity to be asked twice. In addition to various Bollywood starlets, the Clinton’s from the USA or the British Prince Charles to the circle of friends of the family. In the Indian population of the Ambani Empire, however, is not without controversy. For years, the family is accused, with opaque company structures and complex Deals, enormous sums of money to the state is over. Counter-reforms that should lead to a modernisation of the company’s leadership, bucking the Ambanis consistently.

Andrea Cattani