Gigi Hadid

At the end of April it became known that the 25-year-old Gigi Hadid and 27-year-old Zayn Malik are going to become parents, but since then the pair have never appeared in front of cameras. The model has reduced activity in social networks, and ceased to appear in public, but in a recent live instagram she promised fans that will talk in detail about months of waiting for a baby when the time was right. br>During pregnancy I want to wear loose clothing. I said I didn’t look pregnant in overalls… That’s my butt, — she said and showed a changed shape.

Gigi Hadid

Model said that shoots video and photographs of yourself during pregnancy, but to show these pictures are not ready yet.
I love all of you guys and really appreciate your kind words. Just not in a hurry to tell about pregnancy, but documenting this period. In the future, you’ll learn more about it. Now I just want to focus on the moment explained Gigi fans of his stealth.

Family Hadid surrounds her with attention and care and also respect her desire not to flaunt pregnancy. A few days ago the father of Gigi shared an image made during a picnic, covering his daughter in the photo with emojis.

Gigi Hadid with family

Zane Malik and Gigi Hadid

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