So that there is a pregnancy, must get semen into the vagina. This is generally not difficult when the man ejaculates. At the time of your sexual encounter you have, apparently, moreover, neither the Penis nor your hands in your Vagina introduced. It has, therefore, missed much of the important transport route in the vagina.

The Chance that a woman will be alone by the desire to drop pregnant is very low. In a drop of pleasure can be sperm, but there are only a few. The liquid would have to enter directly and in a decisive quantities in the Vagina. It would work only if a lot of desire would be drops on the Penis or a Finger and this would then be introduced. Wipe your hands well dry, if you want to introduce your Finger in your Vagina, in case you are previously with the drop of pleasure or of course with a sperm in contact.

Talk to your sexual partners about how you prevent want. If both of you are well informed about how a pregnancy can happen, and if your both sets, what are the safe methods want to apply to prevention, you can have Sex more enjoy.

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