The stalled negotiations on the Donbass – Russia’s strategy, which does not want to negotiate anything with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. This opinion in an article for Espresso was expressed by Ukrainian journalist and political analyst Vitaly Portnikov.

As reported by “the Rambler”, informed Vladimir Zelensky said that the Minsk agreement signed not for him and not his team and noted that they should change “some things”. He also stressed that the transfer of the state border under the control of Kiev only after the elections in the Donbass, – “definitely not the position” of the current Ukrainian authorities.

At the same time Vitaly Portnikov suggested that the statement of the representative of Russia in the Tripartite contact group Boris Gryzlov that Ukrainian authorities stand up to “a dangerous path of its predecessors” and become “servants of war”, as well as negotiations of the Deputy head of the presidential administration of Russia Dmitry Kozak in Berlin, is “preparing for a decisive attack on Ukraine”.

In his opinion, the cause of the impasse in the negotiations that the Russian authorities “are not going to end the war and agree on anything with Zelensky” and they “need not Donbass and all Ukraine”.

The journalist noted that the Kozak and Gryzlov “demonstrate a constructive stance of the Ukrainian side” to prove “to end the war and achieve stability in the country is possible only by setting over Ukraine joint protectorate of the Kremlin and the West.”

However, the analyst expressed hope that Western countries “will not bite on this bait,” as for Ukraine “Union of populists and Pro-Russian forces would mean a total destabilization and civil war.”