again a scandal to Roger Schawinski (73). Last week, the presenter and his bellowing caused a duel with talk-guest Markus Somm (54), and premature shipment crash on his station Radio1 in the headlines.

Now there is Drama because of its SRF-talk show “Schawinski”. Guest today is a prostitute Salomé Balthus (34), your character luxury. Was invited to the Berliner, because they had an unusual career: As a student, she began to pay for Sex. Meanwhile, the 35-Year-old has contemplated their own Escort Service, writes, and describes itself as “the concubine” (what the formation is a linguistic term for a prostitute).

“needs her father as a child sexually abused?”

However, your visit to Schawi denounced Balthus in an Online column of the German newspaper “Welt” (now deleted) hard. The shipment is coming today at 22.55 PM on SRF1, but has been recorded in advance.

How did you get in? To be the beginning of the show you a photo of your deceased father shown, begins Balthus your article. Soon to be the sixth anniversary of the death. “Schawinski would like to know of me, what hurts me the most when I think of my father. It’s not easy for me to put it into words, at least verbally, spontaneously,” writes Balthus. “I didn’t get the questions in advance, submitted, could not prepare myself on you”.

After the question had, moreover, already with a video clip of Alice Schwarzer, which I declared on German television that nearly all prostitutes were sexually abused as children. The subsequent question schawinski’s have disturbed you to such an extent that her soul had taken damage, she writes. The question was, according to her: “Has abused her father as a child sexually?”.

her father, Reinhard Lakomy (†67), composer, Pianst, singer and arranger from Magdeburg (D). He belonged, together with the Puhdys to the artists with the most official publications in the GDR. Lakomy is a child molester? The evidence for the accusation, there is no, writes Balthus.

After the show you’ve missed even your return flight because you got drunk at the airport of Zurich. Your statement: “Clearly a Symptom of abuse trauma. But not just by my father but by schawinski’s Late-Night Show.”

Schawinski is the exact wording again,

Roger Schawinski rejects the allegations of Balthus vehemently. He says the conversation history in the show was a very different, and the phrase “Has need of her father as a child sexually abused?”, was never like that.

SRF is again on VIEW-question the literal quotes of the show. This was recorded “live on tape”, i.e., integral, and will be sent without editing:

Einspieler Black: “We know runs from the life that an overwhelming majority of the women that are “voluntary” in Prostitution, that is not brought by the traffickers from Bulgaria or from their families here sent and always buy have to be … have learned that the more frequently than the statistical average in the Childhood sexual abuse.”Roger Schawinski: “this was also the case with you? Or would you confess it to me, if it were so?”Salomé Balthus: “I suppose if I say no, what I’m doing, coming next, someone claiming that I had blocked it out. I could ask you the same question, Mr Schawinski.”Schawinski: “What Question?”Balthus: “This question of whether one has been abused as a child, whether you have repressed trauma … “Schawinski: “Aha, nah, but … you say you can’t remember?”Balthus: “It is not the case. I think I know enough people that would tell me also, if that were the case.” Error for Balthus serious consequences

Schawinski complained to the “world”. And the editorial staff reacted promptly: The article disappeared from the web and “world”-editor-in-chief Ulf Poschardt, fired the columnist immediately. “After an inspection of the transcript of the not-yet-transmitted broadcast we noted this Morning that the Central Passage of the new column by Salomé Balthus is a misnomer,” says Oliver, Michalsky, editor-in-chief of the “digital world” to VIEW. The Roger Schawinski attributed to the question “Has need of her father as a child sexually abused?”, had not been made of this. “Woman Balthus built but the entire column. This we cannot tolerate, because such a procedure does not meet our journalistic guidelines. Therefore, we have deleted the article and also the cooperation with Mrs Balthus finished. Mr. Schawinski, we have to excuse us via e-Mail,” says Michalsky.

The rest of the Balthus-columns, which run under the concept of “The Canaries” are still online.

“I think the question should> be understood as”

It had gone to her in your column about you and your same would often and such things. To live “that we had a child abuse trauma, that makes us so different than others. It works as a perfidious stigma.” Also, her aim was, “to explain the nature of the conversation, forced the Lord Schawinski me: quick questions from one topic to the next jumping, the guest was not to come leaving him in a provocative and verhörend. Should I make a mistake, and that it was, in retrospect, in the memory, so it is also the impact of this Situation, in which he brought me.”

It was the strategy of prostitution, opponents of sex work disturbed inside behavior to brand. “Schawinski to handle the public and drove me so aware of in the Close,” she says.

As a VIEW with Salomé Balthus spoke, she knew nothing by the end of your column.