A meeting was held in Curitibanos and Frei Rogério, in the Mid-West of Santa Catarina, with 28 people including technicians and producers. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the pre-planting of garlic for the 2024/25 harvest and strengthen the production chain in the region.

During the meeting, various topics related to garlic cultivation were discussed, including best practices, new technologies, and potential challenges that may arise during the planting season. The participants shared their experiences and knowledge to ensure a successful harvest in the upcoming season.

One of the key points highlighted during the meeting was the importance of assessing the impact of garlic cultivation on consumers. By understanding consumer preferences and market trends, producers can adjust their cultivation practices to meet the demand for high-quality garlic products.

Overall, the meeting was productive and informative, providing valuable insights for both technicians and producers. It emphasized the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing within the agricultural community to promote sustainable and successful garlic cultivation in Santa Catarina.

Moving forward, it is essential for producers to continue implementing best practices and staying updated on new technologies to improve the quality and yield of garlic crops. By working together and sharing knowledge, the agricultural community in Santa Catarina can ensure a prosperous future for garlic cultivation in the region.