The originally Irish, but is now strongly Americanized custom is also in Swiss children and adolescents is a Hit. Since Halloween in Switzerland, so right arose, but also the police on the 31. October, the whole night-on-the-go: post boxes to be chased in the air, cars with shaving foam sprayed, or the walls of a house pelted with eggs. Last year, the St. Gallen cantonal police asked the shops to not sell large quantities of shaving cream or eggs.

Also this year, the police will have to move out probably increasingly, as Florian Free, media spokesman for the cantonal police of Zurich, confirmed to VIEW. Not a tightening of the measures but. “The messages to Halloween have declined slightly in recent years. It will be mostly reported only small offences, for example property damage by Egging, or noise complaints,” says Free.

egg throw can be significant financial consequences>

Sarah Reimann, media spokesperson for the top youth advocacy in Zurich, says: “Throws a teenager, eggs, and smeared so that foreign property can be a property damage. Because of their consistency of just eggs can quickly cause a larger damage to property. Egg throw sounds relatively harmless, the financial consequences for the young people, however, can be significant.”

Who pays in the case of a damage to property?

Who puts on his house or car is a property damage should always first contact the insurance. You will then contact with the liability of the polluter.

If it is not capable of judgement children or young people, cause material damage and the parents have not fulfilled their duty of supervision, the personal liability insurance for the damage. If the parents fulfill their duty of supervision, and there is still a harm, then there is legally no liability. Many insurance companies pay in such cases anyway. Best to check your insurance provisions. If the cause of the damage is not found, you have to pay usually for the damage.

What happens in case of noise?

The night’s rest is set in Switzerland, cantonal level In Zurich lasts from 22:00 to 07:00. To these times the night’s sleep not to be disturbed, whether the ringing by Playing percussion or wind instruments, boisterous parties, or Halloween a very widespread Storm. Such incidents can be reported to the police, who must then take action against it. It can, however, in certain situations, to seek dialogue and to resolve the Problem.

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