For his Tweets from North Korea CVP national councillor Claude Béglé (69) suffered massive criticism. The Canton of Vaud was very uncritical of the processes in the country of Kim Jong-Un. Done to it had sought him, among other things, a cultural performance with children: “these are the good sides of socialism and the access to Knowledge and culture.” His party colleagues distanced themselves immediately from him (EYES reported).

“you like to drink beer”

Now Béglé logs again. On Twitter, he has published a long Letter in which he justifies his trip and his impressions. “The Situation in North Korea is more complex than you imagine”, it means there.

On the one hand, there is the “appeal of the Communist system” with an “extreme cult of personality, reminds us Westerners of totalitarian States”. On the other side, but you should take the historical context into consideration: That of Korea in 1945 from a long and humiliating domination by Japan was and its struggle for sovereignty and independence started like other States.

Béglé makes it clear: “North Korea is not an underdeveloped country, in which it at all would be missing.” The Situation is far from desperate. So he had met on his travels to the other side of the regime – the North Koreans out, “like to drink a beer and have fun”.

Béglé: Was able to set me free

do not move On to the criticism of his Remarks he included in the Letter. Only so much: “Nothing is easy here, but it is interesting.” He had traveled to North Korea to make yourself a picture. Even if he was aware that the Regime did use his trip for Propaganda, he can move freely and in contact with the public occur without Bodyguards. “I went, in factories, on markets and in the country.”

Béglé makes it clear that this trip is completely a private organization and has nothing to do with his mandate as the national Council have. (sf)