Robin Kristoffer Johansen, skipper of the rescue boat “Gideon”, is not in doubt.

HELTAR: – Had not they been there, as had it been a completely different story, he says, says Robin Kristoffer Johansen. To the daily jobs he for the Navy.

Photo: Private

Without the efforts of the crew on board on the Cheeks-boat “Skjongholm”, would lives have been lost when a fishing boat with two people went down at Rystraumen outside Tromsø yesterday.

The one person was very cold and in danger of drowning. He pressed the help to flow, so one fiskaren, the mare in the sea, ” explains Johansen.

rather than before

Skjongholm was on its way south after three weeks of cod fishing on the Mallangsgrunnen to the north of the island of Senja, and when they had received the message fiskebåten in havsnød.

Out of straumloggen calculated them out to every havaristen could be, and went almost straight on.

the Efficiency of the search was skyhøg. They got the message, went to a course, and found them with the same, ” says Johansen.

When were also other boats and a rescue helicopter arrived. But it was starting to darken.

The wind blew between the rigid and strong gale from the southwest, and the lake was two metres madder. Sluddbyer gave leitemannskap term of around a half a nautical mile.

The critical is to find the figure. When it is done, it is to do what we have trained on. It even fortunately good, ” explains skipper Runar-Andre Nilsen on the “Skjongholm” .

Was on instinct

HELTAR: While brother Runar-André (metro.h.) stood at the helm, the mare Kyrre Nilsen in the sea. – In relation to the two on the lake, so was Kyrre fresh and fast. They were chilled and in shock, and had it not good, ” explains skipper Nilsen.

Photo: Private

Under the current conditions, it was difficult to get fishers on board. At the same time, there was great danger for them that they could drive away.

One of the men had been redningsdrakta full in seawater, and was very cold. It stood about a few minutes to save life.

the Sea became more and more restless. Kyrre Nilsen took on redningsdrakta and went in the sea to help. When was the us on Wednesday morning 10-12 minutes away.

To the northern lights tell Nilsen that he was on instinct and did what he is opplærd.

To NRK, he says the most important thing was that it even well.

– In the sea it struck me how serious little control one has when one is there. It was very demanding, and I started at one point to reflect on my own life, admits he.

– You knew you unsure whether it would go well with you?

I was unsure at one point, you feel like you don’t have control. But it had been too crazy about they should start the sami in three persons, so I had to continue the lie.

Had you done it again?

– Yes. Had I known that it could save life, then I had done it.

Many heltar

DEMANDING: Strong winds, electricity and choppy sea conditions made both leiteaksjonen and the rescue difficult circumstances. – It was very physically demanding for those who were in it, ” says Robin Kristoffer Johansen in the Norwegian society for sea rescue.

Photo: Norwegian society for sea rescue

Nilsen kept fixed in the most medtekne fiskaren, while the third was stuck in a rope. To lay them, and beating against the skipssida to the rescue boat came, and had delivered them on board.

And had He been in the sea for between 30 and 40 minutes with havaristane.

On the bridge the mighty man, the skipper to continue the “Skjongholm” the best possible position to give both the rescue boat and they in the sea le for waves and wind.

Johansen says there are many heltar on board fiskebåten.

– the Whole crew delivered a great effort, ” he says.

Take it with us

When NRK talks with heltane Thursday, are they the coast of trøndelag. Later in the day, the crew of ten evaluate the incident. Then shall the skipper Nilsen with tilbakemeldingane from the Norwegian society for sea rescue.

– We take with us that we at least did something right. But even I see that we have a need for yet more training for the next time something would happen, ” he says.

One thing is to practice this in calm waters. Something else is to stand in it under other conditions, even he.

the ACCIDENT: the Rystraumen is a strait in the far east in Straumsfjorden between Kvaløya and Ryøya in the Tromsø municipality.