On his first acquaintance with Margarita Ivanovna and her role in his life told during a videoconference the presenter Vladimir Pozner:

– I had just graduated from Moscow state University and missed the literature in foreign languages. After all, to 19 years and lived in France and America have learned that all books are available. And in the Soviet Union were available, not all. It was necessary to have a special pass to the spetskhran. I went to the Foreigner, and the first thing that caught my eye was the announcement: this will be a regular lecture on the theme “Novelties of French literature.” Asked what it was, and it turned out that the library monthly expert lecture on language about novelties in French, English and German literature. Lecturer on American was not.

the atmosphere in the library was very friendly and had a smile that quite frankly, was not typical for the late 50-ies in our country. And there was a feeling that was waiting for you. Brought me to the principal’s office with a very strange name. I walked in. Margarita curiously began to examine me. I can’t describe her appearance, I only remember that she immediately I loved it. Some very home or something. I introduced myself and immediately said that I want to tell you about the novelties of American literature. She smiled, “Great!” And between us there was such a dialogue: “are You a PhD?” “No,” I said.

She: “Well then we will not be able to pay you $ 10, but only 7”. Me: “I pay no right”. It is with some surprise: “Why?” Me: “you See, if you pay me, I’ll have to stick to a certain line, and if not, feel free to say what I want!”. I understand my naivety (to say what I want in the USSR!) and her extraordinary tact! After all, she could easily say, “you’re a Fool, my dear”. She said with a smile: “Well, please!” And no hint of irony.

And so I began to read. Was young and pretty. Came huge crowds of listeners. I don’t think I was a very high-quality texts, but it was a quality English. However, there were also setbacks. I learned about a new book, but it turned out that she is in special depositories and access to most of the people there. I made the remark. In this library, even reprimanding inoffensive. Once again I came to the Director on some matter in a year, and she earnestly asked me: “Vladimir Vladimirovich, and now you will allow you to pay?” And I said, “Yes, of course.”

Margarita Ivanovna had a rare ability to understand exactly who she’s talking to. When she took away the library, I swore I would never go back. It was so unfair that you cannot transfer.

Returned only when the Director was Ekaterina Genieva, cowhich I also loved. To participate in the anniversary Rudomino an honor and a duty, because it is difficult to convey in words, but Margarita gave me a lot in understanding what life is, what kindness and tolerance in a time when there was no tolerance.