a Place for children’s art steel fences hospitals, parks, playgrounds, schools, kindergartens and construction sites. The city was decorated with more than 800 banners with drawings, which has information about the artists, teachers and educational institutions.

Exposure is changing several times a year. Now an unusual exhibition on the theme of war, which will soon be replaced by bright summer colors.

the Idea to put children’s drawings on the walls appeared the 63-year-old resident of Rostov Alexander Svetlichny five years ago, when his grandson went to art school.

– I saw how many talented guys and their work almost nobody knows. At the same time, there are lots of ugly fences, spoiling its appearance. The solution came by itself – tells rostovchanin.

the Grandson Svetlichnaya has long been not only paints, but creations of the other guys on the streets every year becomes more and more.

the First exposition appeared on Gagarin square, transforming an old fence, which closed the building Foundation ditch dug many years ago.

Then Alexander has collected dozens of children’s work, after the design of the treatment they are printed in the printing using a special paint – on banners approximately three and a half to five feet, one figure on each.

Since then, the project involved hundreds of emerging artists. E-mail Svetlichnaya pictures come from everywhere: not only from Rostov, but also from other cities and regions. The exhibition for the 75th anniversary of the Victory they came from Krasnodar, the Caspian sea, Feodosia and even Kazakhstan.

for a Long time, all expenses on manufacturing of banners and their placement on the walls took on Alexander, who for many years engaged in outdoor advertising. But recently he began to help local authorities.

– In the mayor’s office realized that it’s not just “street pictures”, and Patriotic, creative education of children and adults. And banners with pictures are of practical value. With their help, the house was closed, which was in the woods, this was especially true before the recent world Cup, also held in Rostov – says svitlychnyi.

the world Cup on the walls, a new exhibition – the drawings with the main symbols and attractions of the countries participating in the football tournament and cartoons-portraits of famous players in the world. Now some of them are hanging in the gallery in Zurich. They were presented to the then Swiss President Alan Beerse in Rostov, where he arrived for the match of his countrymen with the Brazilians.