Péter Niedermüller is mad at the Budapest government. “It complicates our work,” says Ungar. The left-wing opposition politician, is mayor of the seventh Budapest district Erzsébetváros and fights in the Small not only with the Corona of a pandemic, but also with the information policy of the top. “The strategy of the government is contradictory,” says the former member of the European Parliament. “In the morning, the Prime Minister says that the schools are not closed,” grumbles low-müller. On the same day it’s hot then, they would be closed. Because the municipalities also organize the school supplies, you should be able to but plan. Also in the output block, or the subject of mask-Wearing “nobody knows more what to do now,” complains of Lower Miller, the Democratic coalition belongs to a splinter party founded by former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány.

the money tap for the opposition ?

most of all but low-müller plagues since the authorization of the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, from the end of March to worry about money. “The government takes away the municipalities of important revenue,” he says, and cites as examples, Park fees, motor Vehicle taxes and tourist levies. The loss for his district, he estimated, compared with the DW to 50 million forints (€139,000). Twice as much will have to spend his district but for the alleviation of social hardships, the opposition politicians. It would add more expenses for masks, gloves and disinfectant. “For the development of the district, and the rehabilitation of housing is no money stays there,” says low-müller. He and other mayors of the Opposition had released a brand letter, after Viktor Orbán had been equipped by the Parliament, with far-reaching powers: He can rule by decree and without an expiration date “until the end of the danger situation”, stressed Minister of justice, Judit Varga. When the is over, be determined by the Parliament, the Minister said. There is a two-thirds majority of the parties in government strengthens Orbán, but the back. Elections and referendums are suspended until Further notice, the Opposition is pushed to the side.

revenge for the municipal elections?

This is also the first Adopted in accordance with the authorization of Orbán, to Express. “There’s also stuff that have nothing to do with the fight against the pandemic were,” stresses the former Ombudsman of the Parliament, Jenö Kaltenbach. For example, the proposal of the Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén, the municipalities under supervision. “The conflict with the capital, is now to be by law dissolved,” says Kaltenbach and refers to the example of the Budapest city Park (Városliget). Several Museum buildings were to arise against the will of the Budapest. After the local elections in the autumn of 2019, the newly elected green mayor Gergely Karácsony had stopped the project. Now the clock should be turned back, by decree. The political parties should be deprived of half their state funding, which the small parties in the Opposition especially.

Through a strategy of cooperation across party lines, the Orbán had been able to conquer opponents in the municipal elections mayor’s chair, especially in the larger cities-even the capital, Budapest. “Now, apparently, much of what has been achieved, the Opposition should be taken back,” says Kaltenbach, who had started with other people’s rights to Online learning-Petition against the authorization of Orbán. More than 100,000 Hungarians have taken part in it, “that is a lot for a small country like Hungary,” says the lawyer. The resistance within a few days to grow. Just: Noticed hardly anyone has him in Hungary. All are busy with the Corona Virus. A few Thousand Hungarians have now started petitions against the disempowerment of the municipalities. A drop on the hot stone. “The current situation is Viktor Orbán the opportunity to consolidate his Power,” says Péter Krekó, Director of the Budapest think-tank “Political Capital”.

Starwars heroes against the pandemic

the head of The government enjoys the fullness of the new power. On his Facebook page the head of government presents itself as a maker. A Video shows the crisis staff as a Team of super heroes, from blue-green halo of light surrounded, accompanied by dramatic music – governmental PR in the style of a star Wars movie Trailers.

The almost infinite Vastness of the Power is due to Orbán with his two-thirds majority in Parliament – in the second ballot, submitted. In the first vote a week earlier, he had used the Opposition for an extension of the two-week state of emergency. But the set conditions for the Rule by decree. “We would have even accepted a time limit of 90 or even 120 days,” says Tímea Szabó of the opposition party Párbeszéd (dialogue) of the TV channel ATV. But unlimited Power for Orbán without expiration date ? To the extent that the Opposition has not wanted to mean to kill her himself. And accuses her of the government now.

“Maybe that was Orbán’s Plan,” oracles are consulted Bertalan Tóth, head of the Faction of socialists in the television station ATV. On their channels, the government is now against their critics – the opposition politicians in the country, the “Brussels bubble”. Orbán sensed in the free daily Interview with the national radio a “Soros network” behind it. For government policy makers to design even a conspiracy theory, the multi-billionaire, even behind the price decline of the national currency, the Forint. The bill goes on to Orbán apparently: According to a survey by the government-related think tank Nézöpont 78 percent of Hungary in support of the pandemic and the measures taken by the government. “Since you can already speak of national unity,” commented Director Ágoston Samuel Mráz on state television, the results. The work of the Opposition find, however, is not even among the government-critical voters, each Second well, so Mráz. A “true collaboration”, says district mayor low-müller. Hungary need in this Situation, no Prime Minister with a time-unlimited special powers, but “a unified strategy and close cooperation with the local authorities”. As mayors of the government party, Fidesz, to assess the Situation, was not determined. The mayor asked not answered until the editorial deadline.

author: Stephan Ozsváth

*The contribution of “power development in the shadow of the Corona-crisis: the Hungarian municipalities are under pressure” published by Deutsche Welle. Contact with the executives here.

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