“Mail of Russia” until the end of the year will start the network setting from 5 thousand terminals, invested 1.4 billion rubles According to “Kommersant”, the network may be deployed in the squares of retailers Magnit and Dixy. Online platforms, including AliExpress, potentially interesting new partner, but a good free space under the terminal to find all more difficult, say market participants.”Mail of Russia” plans to buy up to 5 thousand terminals, which will be placed mainly in retail retailers, told “Kommersant” a source familiar with the details of the project, and the person on the e-commerce market. Last said that about 200 of the terminals of “Mail of Russia” already there, they stayed from the old project.Information about the project was confirmed in a press-service of “Mail of Russia”, adding that the decision on its implementation on August 3, adopted by the Board of Directors of the company. Packstation will be acquired on lease, the company will spend 1.4 billion rubles., the installation will begin before the end of the year, said the press service. The General Director of “Mail of Russia” Maxim Akimov added that the company’s goal is “to be the reference logistics partner for Russian and international industry of e-Commerce”.Packstation plan to install a “Magnet” and “Dixie”, said the source “Kommersant”. In the “Mail of Russia” is not commenting. In a press-service of “Magnet” has confirmed such negotiations, the Group did not respond to a request.”Mail of Russia” already works with partner points and postnatally networking Hermes Russia, Qiwi (in December bought a chain PickPoint) and “Paste”, reported by “Kommersant” on November 11. In early July, in an interview with RBC Maxim Akimov said that the company “loses” from what is not directly present in postnatal segment. “The cannibalization of traffic” in the network deployment of the terminals to 5 thousand points, if you put them in the offices, is only 30%, and 70% — “this will be new revenue,” he argued.As reported by “Kommersant” on may 26, serious ambitions in this market also have “Sarayshik” company of the savings Bank, which plans within a year to establish about 10 thousand terminals in Bank branches in 800 cities. In may, experts estimated the Russian market of the terminals of 15-20 thousand pieces, but now they’re significantly more, says CEO “Infoline-Analytics” Mikhail Burmistrov. At Ozon, according to its own data, more than 6 thousand terminals have PickPoint — $ 4.7 million (with a partner network — about 7 thousand). The pickup points and post offices also develops 5Post, “daughter” X5 Retail Group, which has 9 thousand points of delivery at the checkout and 2,5 thousand the terminals are subject to the affiliate network. The “Halva”, a member of the affiliate network PickPoint and 5Post, 2.5 million private terminals.The demand for the packstation, the customer has the share of this method of delivery will increase, optimistic CEO of the network, “Paste” Denis Petrushevsky. “The question is that it is increasingly difficult to find a good location. In this sense, the partnership with the system player, eg��R, in the face of “Magnet” may be at hand,” he added. According to the gentleman he has made, if “SELOGICA” and “Mail of Russia” are implementing their plans, the market is close to saturation.According to General Director of PickPoint Hope Romanova, a network of 5 thousand terminals — the “minimum threshold” of entry into the market. But retail chains are already almost fully occupied postnatally, so it makes sense to consider the other types of locations, she said.Competition in the market intensifies the terminals and the area retailers “not rubber”, but the “Mail of Russia” there is still the opportunity to have time to occupy a niche, believes Mikhail Burmistrov. Among the online retailers and sites to work in this format, it would be interesting, probably, AliExpress, he said.In “AliExpress Russia” have confirmed that they plan to expand partnership with “Mail of Russia”, including new points of delivery of orders. Ozon in the future will also consider the cooperation with “Mail of Russia” in distant cities, where the presence of private terminals is not enough, says the head of the network of parcel terminals and Agency points of distribution Ozon Denis Dyachenko. Cooperation with “Mail of Russia” do not exclude Wildberries.Dmitry Shestoperov