Fans unfurl a poster with a clear message during the match between Germany and Italy. But the protest against the World Cup in Qatar did not remain without consequences for long. The DFB turns on the police – and lets the fans hold them.

A football festival with a bland aftertaste. The German Football Association had fans arrested by the police on the sidelines of the game between Germany and Italy on Tuesday evening after they had protested in the stadium with a banner against the World Cup in Qatar and the world association Fifa. A police spokesman confirmed to FOCUS Online a corresponding measure by the officials on site.

“15,000 dead for big scenes – Fifa and Co. without a conscience” read the poster of the football fans, with which they clearly referred to the dead guest workers in Qatar, who had to work under slave-like conditions in the emirate to hold the World Cup at all to allow.

Simon Bender from Fanhilfe told Deutschlandfunk: “The fans left the stadium closed. The question for us was what they are accused of.”

When the fans left the stadium quickly after the poster campaign, the DFB, as the owner of the domicile, called the police. “The DFB approached the police,” said police spokesman Wolfgang Röthgens. Since the football association initially reserved the right to take legal action against the demonstrators, the officials stopped the 15 supporters and recorded their personal details, Röthgens confirmed to FOCUS Online.

It was about possible violations of house rules and the question of whether some of those involved might have gained access to the stadium without a ticket. The police acted “to protect the private rights” of the DFB.

As Röthgens further said, after the end of the police measure, the DFB declared that it did not want to take any further steps against the football fans. According to the police spokesman, the fans are not threatened by the police anyway. Showing the poster was an expression of freedom of expression and, according to the officers’ discretion, did not constitute a criminal offence. The incident made waves on social media. A statement from the DFB is not yet available.

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