Posted a video of the arrest of the sponsors of ISIS in the three regions of the Russian Federation

the FSB has published a video of the detention of members of conspiratorial cells in the Russian Federation banned international terrorist organization “Islamic state”.

Photo: SK the Russian Federation In the Orenburg region family accused of funding ISIS

Russian accomplices of the militants was identified in three subjects of Federation. In the Rostov region the participant of the interregional network was detained in a private household. There are FSB officers found a firearm.

In the Komi Republic the detention was carried out in an apartment house, bringing the suspect for investigation to the Department of Federal security service in Usinsk. In high-rise buildings and detained a Crimean member of the group.

Recall, detained the emissaries of ISIS was gathered, accumulated and transferred money under the guise of charity to the accounts of terrorists and their accomplices. Just sent them about two million rubles.

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“Islamic state” (prior to 2014, “Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant”, LIH), an international organization recognized as terrorist by the Supreme court of the Russian Federation of 29 December 2014. Its activities on the territory of Russia is prohibited.