postal customers, with public transport on the road and a part of your post shops at the station have done, you need to rethink. From April 2020, the packages of Mail and DHL Express can not be abandoned at SBB-railway stations and picked up. The SBB finish by 31. March 2020, the cooperation with the Post office and DHL.

services in the SBB travel centers accept The demand of the customers to the package, to justify the SBB the step. There is always an alternative to the acceptance and delivery points for packages. SBB is not able to run the package service has its own information in a cost-covering.

Migros is jumping into the gap

Therefore, the SBB began discussions with Post and DHL, and then decided that cooperation with the two partners in this area. Other existing partnerships set up by SBB, DHL, and Post the decision has no impact on how the SBB to hold. Today 130 travel centers of SBB to offer the package service.

looking for a replacement for the SBB, the Post-but find it quickly – and builds on the partnership with the Migros. Since 2019 post can pick up customers their packages in Switzerland, in 300 selected stores, the Migros or to give up.

91 additional service points

From now on, 91 so-called service to come once again points to how the Post communicates. This pleases the giant oranges. “Migros is satisfied – not least because new customers come to our stores,” says Matthias Wälchli, head of pick – up and delivery service at Migros-genossenschafts-Bund.

In the Migros stores that are participating in the project, you can give up, among other things, packages up to 30 kilograms in weight, registered letters or international shipments or pick up. (pbe/SDA)