post offices-closures not only annoy the population. Also traders in rural areas suffer. “For the industry, it is a Problem that the Post degrades more and more services – the prices increased,” says Martin Hofstetter (41) has reported the VIEWS.

Hofstetter responds to the VIEWS of the article about the two elderly women who fight back against the closure of the post office in Muotathal, SZ. “We are also in the valley aegerital, two hill, have been struggling with the same “Post-care” to”, wrote the entrepreneurs from Unterägeri ZG.

Suddenly, the shipping takes five days,

Hofstetter is editor-in-chief of the “Ägeritalers”, a magazine for the whole valley aegerital in the Canton of Zug. In the latest edition of the industrial Association turns to the valley aegerital an open letter to post office chief Roberto Cirillo (48). The Artists air make, it more complex is to leave the magazine due to the Swiss Post distribution. “In the past, we were able to deliver the magazine on the day before and the day after it was distributed in all households. The distribution lasted for a reorganisation of the Post suddenly four days longer. Four!”

“Later, the Post has introduced the so-called promopost-Tool. This with the purpose that we are Working Artists for the Post must apply”, rants to himself. Since then could not be operated all the inhabitants in Oberägeri with the magazine. “And the postal service takes five days,” stresses Hofstetter.

But it gets even better: “Now there is even talk of a closure of the post office in Oberägeri, although its viability, and the population in the valley grows.” The commercial club stands up strongly against the closure, he says.

in support of the Petition is growing

“We need to discuss in the trade Association, if we make the post-Closure Moratorium support,” says Hofstetter at all. Because, according to him, it would be welcome that the closing would be exposed to solutions, to the policy of Post to provide clear guidelines for the receipt of important post in the country regions do.

The trade Union Syndicom launched on Friday, the country-wide Petition . You want to make in policy pressure, so this makes the Post clear requirements, to make a further post reduction in by the yellow giant.

For the case that the Federal politicians, in spite of the pressure from the population and businesses of the Post which can continue to offer, consider trade Union circles are not, a people’s initiative to secure today’s post to launch a network.

On Monday the Parliament discussed about the Post

On inquiry, the Post tells you to take the national Petition to the attention of. To fulfill today with all statutory requirements and will continue to do so in the future. “The Post is and the post office network is offering to the future,” says the yellow giant, also. This is so that the Post “may provide the basic service mandate continues to be in high-quality, commercially viable”.

on Monday the Post is a topic in the relevant Council of States Commission. Since the members of Parliament relating to the post could network law requirements for the yellow giant initiate, the are designed to meet the needs of the regions of the country.