The Swiss Post office is fighting with the Federal audit oversight authority (FAOA). It is a question of what is the role of the audit company KPMG has played in the post-car-Bschiss. How to VIEW reported, there are indications that KPMG has pointed out, such as postal car could profits secure.

in fact, the authority had noted in December of last year, “significant deficiencies” in the audit activities of KPMG in post office car and two people to a process to be initiated.

The report showing the deficiencies came to light and which forms of misconduct have made the two persons guilty of holding the Supervisory authority under lock and key.

damages to sue

wait, the Post does not like it. On publication of the report, and draw against the audit oversight before the Federal administrative court. Because the Post wants to not only illuminate the background of the illegal profit transfers in the subsidised post-car-regional traffic.

it is also trying to actions for damages against the offending former employee to submit. The yellow giant had more than 200 million Swiss francs in subsidies to pay back and a huge loss of image suffered.

in Order to clarify the compensation issue finally, need the Post the RAB report says the chief spokesperson of Léa Wertheimer to VIEW. “The Post has done all it can to the events relating to the unlawful transfers, clarify the gaps,” says Wertheimer. The RAB behind is pushing the enlightenment, however.

Lobsiger Post right

For today’s Post-accession, the situation is already without the RAB is difficult: you would have to speak with the former employees, in order to create further clarity. This is due to the ongoing proceedings of the Federal office of police (Fedpol) to the post-car-Bschiss not possible. The Fedpol runs a criminal and administrative proceedings against five former post-car squad, as well as against the Ex-CFO of Swiss Post group.

According to the Post, spokeswoman for the yellow giant for months, has left “no stone unturned” to get the report from one of his constituents. As all was of no avail, contacted the Post to the public officer Adrian Lobsiger (59). The authority is now demanding the release of the report.

RAB walled more

To VIEW request refers to the RAB only on a press release in December. You have made the report to those Agencies, which would have according to law the right. The Post want to deny the RAB, the report continues. That puts her in front of KPMG, which it supervises.