The Swiss Post wants to sell your crisis daughter Car Postal France. Now she has found an interested party, such as the Post in a message are known. With the Keolis S. A., was “in advanced negotiations.”

The two companies have already signed in mid-month exclusivity agreement for the sale under. What’s next? Now you will put up together with the relevant employee representatives and regulatory approvals to obtain. Further, even the sale price – don’t want to betray the Post.

million to France flowed

The French business, the Post is come in the train of the subsidy bschiss in the focus. How to VIEW reported, flowed over the half of the total from the scandal has affected around 100 million Swiss francs of tax money to France. The money was subsidized Car Postal France cross. In September 2018 then had to go to the post-car-France-in-chief André Burri.

just last week, the Swiss Federal audit office (sfao) had criticized the risk management of the Post in the case of CarPostal France.

With the impending sale of the Post fulfills a promise. Almost a year ago, Swiss Post has announced President Urs Schwaller, that the postal car will pull out of the France business. CarPostal France has for many years made a loss and was in France due to unlawful state aid before the court. CarPostal France has had to buy about six million euros.

15 years of age in France

The Post transported since 2004, in France people. Car Postal France operates in the East and the South-East of France, eight city networks and regional transport lines in six Departments. The company employed 2017 of over 1100 employees and 750 vehicles. The turnover amounted to approximately 107 million Swiss francs.

Keolis is a subsidiary of the French railway company SNCF, and has its headquarters in Paris. According to the Post-notice, the company convinced with its good reputation. In addition, Keolis intends to take over all the parts of Car Postal France. (jfr/SDA)