The Post does not come out of the negative headlines. The yellow state operation, the last year in his post, auto-saved with a damage of more than 200 million Swiss francs of the Swiss history and was responsible for the largest subsidy, and self-admitted, to have his drivers has been squeezed out, fired up his Parcel sorter.

About 50 degrees to the employees of the parcel centre in Härkingen SO endure these days, if you clear out your Parcels from the containers. The claim not only a number of “Postman”, which we have reported VIEWS. No, the Post itself confirms the heat in the containers, which are internally as the “Päckli-roaster” is known. As a counter measure, the post Board does not recommend more frequent rotation, so that the individual postal employees to expose too long to the heat.

“Three T-Shirts drenched in sweat”

“Us spokesman Erich Goetschi is aware that the working conditions in the containers in the case of exceptional heat such as in the last days for our employees is difficult,” says Post.

The Rotation, which recommends that the Post for Härkingen, may rise with an unlimited army of employees, with a fixed workforce, the workers must, however, always ran. “It can take up to an hour, until a Parcel-roasting pan is empty, because the machines in Härkingen is not currently running optimally,” says one of the employees who have registered with the VIEW. And a second confirmed: “we Usually need 40 minutes. But now a lot longer.”

Because they always have to get back in the hot Container and it takes each individual longer, he had the day before, “to about 3.15 o’clock in the night the same three T-Shirts drenched in sweat”. Again and again she would have to work with this monkey-heat “eleven hours or longer,” he says. With just twice of a half-hour break that had to be settled for the effective working time.

hazardous to your Health?

“One hour of physical work in this heat, and several times during a shift, may be without special measures hazardous to health”, is Syndicom speaker Christian Capacoel to bear in mind. His Union is aware of the complaints. To have deposited multiple times.

In the Post, it does not mean only that it was unfortunately not possible to install in the containers, air conditioning units, or to provide otherwise for more consistent temperatures, though day-to-day refrigerated trucks, Migros and Coop, with Ice cream supply, and virtually every new car has an air conditioner.

The layers were confirmed by

Post-extended speaker Goetschi, too, that “due to an adjustment of the conveyor belts” the system is currently not on maximum performance running. Therefore, the layers would need to be extended during the last few days. “Specifically, the working times were longer than planned – they were always under ten hours,” he says. His statement on working hours does not coincide with the statements of the employees.

they accuse the Post office also, they have reduced staff, which compound the current problems in Härkingen yet. “The staff is tuned to the expected seasonal parcel volumes. Annual fluctuations are normal and have nothing to do with a reduction in staff to,” replied the yellow giant. He admits, however, that the package volume “this week is slightly higher than expected”.

save costs on the backs of the staff

if you Believe the testimony of the postal employees, then the volume is higher. Inadequate planning and lack of consideration for the staff – this allows the allegations to the Post merge, as well as the trade Union Syndicom highlights: “The shortage of personnel in the logistics centers of a well-known Problem.” The efficiency of printing is very high, so Syndicom-man Capacoel. You save costs. “On the backs of the staff.” In the subsequent cases of illness became more frequent. And who could, of quit.

The Post can adjust the intensity of work, additional short breaks to cool off, to introduce a cooled break room or do air-conditioned Container to grow. “The fact that such measures were not introduced, shows that the Post, the employer takes serious”, so Capacoel.

The hope rests on Sommaruga

hope is the Union in the new post of Minister Simonetta Sommaruga (59, SP). If the Post-leadership arriving, the Staff was actually a concern, it could encourage the new Post-boss Roberto Cirillo (49), the promise in his inaugural speech to redeem the state of operation will give a “Gingg to the Füdli” and the once-popular state post in the service of all.