In the South seems to be for Roberto Cirillo (48) the sun. Here in Cadenazzo TI in Ticino, who grew up Post-chief, directs otherwise from the Federal government in Bern the fortunes of the yellow giant is in the Element.

The Swiss-Italian dual citizen trading, giving the Post office a package boom speaks from online. He said that the new distribution is able to sort out centre in the vicinity of Bellinzona 8000 packages per hour. The assumption that the investment in the new assets will someday be worth it. And the fact that Post-processed it last year, 138 million packages. And the trend is rising.

< p > “matter of heart”

With systems, such as in Cadenazzo, the first of its kind and a “matter of the heart,” as Cirillo emphasized in the conversation with VIEWS, invested the Post until the end of 2020, a whopping 200 million Swiss francs in the new regional parcel centres. More want to stomp the Post-boss in Ostermundigen BE, and Untervaz GR, and Vetroz VS out of the ground. “We are closer to the customer, saving transport routes and faster to deliver,” says Cirillo.

And: “We will invest in the coming ten years, up to a billion Swiss francs in the Expansion of our logistics.” The first Tranche of 200 million for the regional distribution centers mark only the beginning.

negotiations on price increases

of Course, one was aware, says Cirillo, that the Post could not compensate for the decline in the letter business by the package boom in the short term. “In the long term is important, however, that where the demand is greatest. This is in the packages, and that’s where we invest.”

The cost of investments comes at a price – especially for business customers. You will have to dig deeper in the petty cash. “I am sure that we have the pricing is still a certain amount of leeway,” says Cirillo. Higher prices are expected, especially for the smaller retailers to teeth grinding concerns. But: “The talks are positive,” says Cirillo.

Higher volume, lower margins,

If the bill rises, ultimately, questioned Samuel Rutz from the liberal Think Tank Avenir Suisse. “The volume of packages while, at the same time, margins are falling.” It is unrealistic that the future profit decline in the letter market due to the positive volume development could be absorbed in the package market, believes Rutz.

Anyway, the problems at yellow giant are available for Rutz deeper. “There needs to be a Transformation. On the one hand, the various primary care contracts should be purged – do not correspond simply to the needs of a digital society,” says Rutz.

In a regulatory corset caught

on the Other should be the “fair-weather construct Postfinance” quickly reconsidered. “In today’s regulatory corset of this threatens to slide in the near future, in the loss zone,” said Rutz. The Post-critic is therefore calling for a full privatisation of the post office Finance. “Otherwise, the taxpayers will have to pay sooner or later, the coal mine,” warns the Avenir-Suisse-man.

In addition, the post cars were still a construction site. “The fact that the state operates a bus company, which by the way has no reason supply orders, is an anachronism,” says Rutz.

conversations with Sommaruga

It is obvious: The package boom will not solve the monetary problems of the group. The white also Cirillo, the calls for his departure for a survey of the Post. So much depends on how the Post in the future positioned. And this is not at all clear.

“We have used internal work groups dealing with the future of the Post office,” says Cirillo. In addition, intensive discussions with the owners to run. The signals from the competent Department, the Department, under the leadership of Federal councillor Simonetta Sommaruga (59), evaluates the Post-boss positive. “We assume that we can inform in June, the summer of 2020, officially, a specific strategy of the Post,” says Cirillo.