Possible negotiations between the US and Iran on nuclear weapons?

while American politicians are trying to make sense of the recent January events (the assassination of General Soleimani and rocket attack on a U.S. military base in Iraq), which could lead to an actual war between the US and Iran, Washington once again became popular statements about “supporting the Iranian people”.

fortunately, the best and most effective method by which America can improve the lives of ordinary Iranians, is quite simple: the United States needs to go back to when Obama signed a Joint comprehensive plan of action on Iran’s nuclear program (SVPD) or, if necessary, propose a new version of the document, writes in The National Interest, the President of the Washington-based National Iranian American Council (NIAC) Jamal Abdi.

the Idea that Donald trump and the Iranians sit at the negotiating table to discuss a nuclear agreement might look like something fantastic, given the events of the first week 2020, However, let’s imagine incredible — after all, the behavior of the current administration in Washington is extremely unpredictable — there is a breakthrough and trump is negotiating with the Iranian leadership about SVPD 2.0, which is about the same as the existing agreement but with longer duration and more effective weakening of the sanctions regime. What would it bring to the Iranian people?

Revived by the SVPD would not be a magic wand, but if he was adopted, that the Iranians would be freed from the dual pressure (American economic sanctions and failed domestic policy), would improve life in Iran in many areas and would begin the more fundamental issues that underlie the everyday frustrations of Iranians.

the fact that the original AGREEMENT was never fully implemented. The day began formal implementation of the agreement (February 9, 2016) coincided with the vote in the first Republican primaries, when Donald trump won the first victory and all the major candidates in once again declared the intention to terminate the nuclear deal. Few banks or companies were willing to risk investing in Iran if the next President of the United States was going to withdraw from the agreement and impose strict restrictions against the Islamic Republic.

At the same time, the weakening of the sanctions regime to the framework AGREEMENT was structurally flawed — no such sanctions regime was never dismantled that way; there was the practical disadvantages of separating the intention and execution of relief, which became evident only after the start of implementation. Despite the fact that using SVPD there has been some progress in the macroeconomic sphere, his action was too short and limited due to political uncertainty.

trump could improve the deal Barack Obama and to give the Iranian people a real economic benefit. SVPD not reformed if not eliminated would have a theocratic system, but he would give strength to private companies, which suffered in terms of sanctions economy, when the main beneficiaries were the corrupt state-related structure. SVPD would provide the necessary tools to combat financial corruption in Iran.

the Agreement remains the best first step that will pave the way for regional diplomacy to reduce tensions and enhance security. In addition, the deal will give the opportunity to cooperate in other areas of mutual interest. But most importantly — return to the agreement would remove the appearance of American pressure, which for decades were counterproductive and contributed to the persistence of harmful to the Iranian people the revolutionary system.

the Cessation of external pressure and isolation will open new opportunities for the middle class and civil society, which are always necessary for any successful democratic movement. Even for a short period of time between the implementation AGREEMENT and the release of the trump of transactions was observed positive political trends: moderate and reformists won a landslide victory in parliamentary elections and 2016, and hardline Ibrahim Raisi, was defeated in the presidential election in 2017.

After the trump of SVPD took a u-turn. Raisi was appointed head of the judiciary, after which many reformists were disqualified from parliamentary elections in 2020, which, according to observers, will mark the return to power of hardliners. In addition, in the last two years the Iranian security apparatus became more repressive during the November protests have killed hundreds of Iranians.

If Donald trump and American politicians really want to help the Iranians, they should do the negotiations on nuclear deal — one of its main priorities.