The lady Reddit with nick z_planet shared the story of how years of watching his University Professor on the Internet. The girl was sure that all her actions are anonymous, but later accidentally discovered that he knew about her harassment.

According to the author of the post, she fell in love with a teacher that looked like ordinary middle-aged man. The girl was so obsessed with a teacher that stalking specially brought profile on LinkedIn. Every day she viewed a teacher and didn’t know about the function of this social network users will receive the notification that those who visited their page.

A few years later she began to use the social network for its intended purpose and found that LinkedIn reported who went to the user page. After that, the author of the post realized that her College Professor long ago exposed her because they got a notification every time she updated his profile.

The girl admitted that sometimes pursued by the teacher were staring at her, but she drove from her paranoid thoughts. She consoled herself and said that he can’t guess about obsession of his students.

In the comments some users with horror admitted that he too did not know that LinkedIn sends a notification message when viewing the page. Many said that this is a serious drawback of the social network and transferred other claims on LinkedIn.

Earlier in June, another lady Reddit said about how complained 50-year-old teacher, who regularly let go of obscene jokes in her address. She decided to take action after the man reported that he thought about it when watching porn with lesbian Orgy.