in the Midst of the global coronakrise is the organization of division now ready with a positive news.

For while all league matches are postponed for an indefinite time in the premier League as well as 1. and 2. division, is now opened for training for smaller groups in the very obvious safety issues.

As the three best fodboldrækker was put on hold, recommended the organization of division clubs to suspend all classes and send the players home with individual training programs.

The recommendation has now been adjusted, so the clubs that have not had to dismiss the players on salary, may well wind up alternative training in smaller groups with good spacing.

the organization of division says in a press release issued on Wednesday at noon, that you have consulted with several klublæger and external experts and has made some detailed recommendations for training in the clubs – still within the applicable recommendations from the authorities. Here there is a big focus on not to increase the risk of infection with players and coaches.

“Our goal is, and has constantly been, to be able to start the tournaments again as soon as possible, when the authorities at a time says ok. Of course it should be done in the most responsible way, so that also takes into account the players ‘ health. With the new recommendations is now also the option for modified group exercise in klubregi, but of course with a lot of precautions,” quoted Divisionsforeningens director Claus Thomsen to say.

The new recommendations with a maximum of eight people on the field at a time; players, coaches and other staff.

Players meetings omklædte in private transport, there is no communal, no handshake and highfive, and all equipment is handled exclusively by a selected person from the coaching staff.

There are not trained in takedowns, and all training to be organised with the necessary distance between the participants.

Træningsanbefalingerne is sent to the health authorities for information and will of course be changed, if the authorities are doing about the current general approach in the Danish society.