Police officers in Portland, Oregon were caught off guard after being approached by a nude female demonstrator, who lay down in the street and began performing yoga. The cops were then filmed “withdrawing.”

A woman wearing nothing except a mask and a beanie approached a group of officers clearing out the downtown area in the early hours of Saturday. A line of police and federal agents were standing at an intersection when the naked woman seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

“Naked Athena appeared and the little boys didn’t know what to do,” joked Donovan Farley, a reporter on the ground who documented the risque confrontation.


A video shows her casually walking up to the law enforcement officers, stopping several meters away from them. She was then photographed performing yoga, lying down, and sitting on the street with her legs spread facing the officers.


Police fired several pepper balls near her shoeless feet, prompting one demonstrator with a shield to stand in front of her and block her from potential harm. However, it does not appear she was injured.

According to several eyewitnesses who posted photographs and videos of the standoff on Twitter, the police later withdrew from the intersection, leaving the naked woman standing in the street as she watched them drive away.

She won

The bizarre incident marked the 50th day of unrest in Portland and comes just hours after Oregon’s attorney general filed a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other agencies, claiming they had seized and detained demonstrators without probable cause.

After federal police responded to and protected the building being attacked by antifa, they were subject to thrown projectiles. They fire off teargas to disperse rioters. This is the context always intentionally left out of viral videos picked up by media.

The city’s federal courthouse has been the site of nearly nightly violence, with protesters armed with fireworks and projectiles facing off with police and federal agents. Interim DHS chief Chad Wolf visited the city on Thursday, and vowed that his agency would “never surrender to violent extremists.”

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