looks as inconspicuous as he with his gray paint, he also. However, only at first glance. The meanwhile eighth edition of the Porsche 911 remains a driving machine. And that is a good thing!

3.0-B6-turbo petrol engine, 450 HP (331 kW), 530 Nm@2300-5000/min, 8-speed automatic (dual clutch), 4×4
drive performance
0-100 km/h in 3.6 s, top 306 km/h
L/B/H = 4,52/1,85/1,30 m 1565 kg, The trunk 132 l,
power consumption
work/Test of 9.0/11.7 l/100 km, 206/272 g CO2/km, energy G
list rates
From 167’100 Fr. (Base: Carrera, 385 HP, 70 kW, ab 136’300 Fr.), Test Car 203’390 Fr. (including options, for: Matrix-LED-light, Sport-Chrono, Pact, sport exhaust system, rear axle steering, etc.)
sporty chassis, connectivity, iconic Design, great Sound, super street location
the dashboard part of the steering Wheel obscured, only Apple CarPlay (no Android auto)

The new

Nothing is new, claim a heretic. And are incorrectly. The exterior design you have to look for the differences though. But changes in the tax space is the Modern, obviously. The Start switch is located to the left of the steering Wheel and the analog tachometer dominates the Central dashboard – Tradition – otherwise everything is new!

In a sports car networking is secondary? Not if there is a 911 everyday to be fit. So also the iconic sports car has a 10.9 inches large screen, the Panamera or Cayenne. While the voice control system similar to Alexa, a Restaurant according to our taste, slows us down, the new Wet-Mode in the case of Aquaplaning danger, without realizing it, or the fun of driving is lost. In spite of all this technology, it has become only 45 kilograms heavier, due to various lightweight construction measures.

like us

Also, the new 911 remains, like all his reissues before it, an Evolution of the Ur-Elfers. He retains his legendary Form, but it is a little sharper. The Front is a little flatter and the front hood has prominent depressions (so that the new 992 is from its predecessor, the 991 is best to distinguish). At the rear, the differences with the continuous LED-light band, and the vertical brake lights have something distinctive. Width and height remain the same, but he’s grown three inches longer.

like us less

The analog tachometer as a throwback to earlier, is flanked by digital dual display. A nice idea, but not thought to the end. Because the outer two screens we can see, barely, because the steering Wheel blocks the view. On the left are affected, only the time and outside temperature, to the right, but the more important fuel gauge and the oil Temperature.

And so he goes

rules have not an icon like the 911 hold. For the reduction of CO2 emissions, there is the 911 ever since the Facelift four years ago (the GT3 models excluded) only with turbocharged engines. The term turbo-lag is on the new 911, however, is a foreign word. Starting at 2300/min speed of 530 Nm of the sports car on all four wheels forward. After 3.6 seconds the digital speedometer to three digits. With 450 horsepower, the Boxer engine delivers for every situation in life has enough power. In everyday life, the 911 rides very well-behaved, is in the sport mode, but the revving curve-eater.

VIEW the conclusion

Porsche is also in the eighth-911-Generation Evolution instead of Revolution. And so he creates like no other super athletes the balancing act between everyday life and large-scale driving fun. At the same time, he has risen in the networking and Infotainment compared to the previous course. However, this is a good overall package has also traditionally been its price. There is the 911 Carrera 4S 167’100 Swiss francs. Therefore, we can only dream of: If I was once rich …