the Ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko once again failed to appear for questioning at the state Bureau of investigation, where he was waiting for 11 and 12 hours in two cases. The first concerns telephone conversations with Biden, the American Vice-President instructs the head of an independent state, whom he needs to lay off and whom to attach to the post. And the second – 42 paintings from the private collection of Poroshenko, who crossed the border without proper clearance. Peter A. skimped on the invitation of the investigators, and now it may be power driven.

In any case, the RRT stated that it can exercise its right in court to request his forcible delivery for questioning. While such petition, the investigators had not filed, but if the rest of the day clear with the advent of Poroshenko will not be a request to the court to follow.

the Thing about the talks with Biden, thanks to the published recordings – more or less clear. In addition, and without such evidence, many in the country knew how were the appointment to high office under Poroshenko. Film just become another confirmation with many curious details.

But in the case of the paintings, then even people who know the former President, speculated – about what speech. Some report that Peter allegedly took out part of his collection at his Villa in Spain without proper registration. Others report that it is not about export, and on import pictures. Paintings of great Russian and Italian masters was clearly purchased at international auctions, and then somehow got into the country without customs clearance and the required contributions to the Treasury. In this connection the Ukrainian telegrams-channel “whisper” announced the suspected case.

the assurances of journalists, the beginning of the story lies in 2005-m to year when Poroshenko was appointed Secretary of the national security Council under President Yushchenko. Then, they say, the head of the Corporation “Roshen” with his loyal business partners – Oleg Gladkovsky (a Svinarchuk) that in 2018, the year got burned on fraud with the supply of defective parts for Ukrainian military equipment through “Ukroboronprom”, and Igor Kononenko, who in those times was accused of illegal takeovers of Ukrainian enterprises – cranked cunning scheme.

With the help of a classmate and the Vice-President of the company “Roshen” Sergei Zaitsev, who was also a Director of the offshore company in the British virgin Islands, paintings in 2006 were imported to Ukraine. Gladkovsky, which was then listed as the honorary Consul of the Republic of Seychelles in Ukraine, signed an agreement between the Consulate of Seychelles in Ukraine and the offshore company, the beneficiary of which was Poroshenko, on the importation into the square 42 of paintings under the guise of Diplsomaticheskoe of goods destined for the Consulate. It was reported that the pictures will be put up during diplomatic meetings.

Then, in 2013, it was stated that more pictures be exhibited at the Consulate will not. Then they were supposedly taken to Germany. But, as you can see, in fact, they settled in the collection Poroshenko. By the way, the British intelligence Agency in 2006 documented the fact of theft of the paintings through an offshore firm and intended to investigate. Which has not begun. Most likely, it was just another “hooks” by which foreign “partners” Poroshenko kept on a leash. And, most likely, that is now the case suddenly surfaced associated with interest “foreign friends”.

meanwhile, 42 paintings, which the day before Poroshenko was trying to “hide” from investigators in the halls of “Ivan Honchar Museum”, arranging there a family exhibition of paintings, was arrested Thursday by investigators of the RRG. Yesterday at 13: 30 they came back to the Museum and showing the decision of Pechersky court about arrest of property Poroshenko demanded from the Director of the Museum of the receipt that collection is not performed and no action. That is, the paintings remain in the halls, but now to export and move them to another location is impossible.