a At the rally in Kiev in support of Petro Poroshenko, the man threw in the ex-President of Ukraine a wad of counterfeit bills that are later taken away by an unknown force.

Supporters of Poroshenko hold shares in support of the former head of Ukraine in the Pechersk district court of Kyiv is considering a petition for election of a measure of restraint ex-President in the form of personal commitments.

In break of a court session Poroshenko came to the protesters. He thanked them for their support and told them about the meeting. At the end of the Poroshenko’s speech, a man standing close to him, threw him the stack of papers in the form of bills, reports RIA “Novosti”.

“Friends, this provocateur, which we broke, we now urgently install – who he is and where he came from. Friends, we are going to meet with anyone,” said the ex-President of Ukraine.

The protesters by force took away the intruder with the stock. Police in the situation did not intervene.

The state Bureau of investigations of Ukraine Poroshenko suspects that in 2018 he made holding then a post of the head of the foreign intelligence Service of Yegor God to appoint his Deputy Sergei Semochko – at that time the chief of the Kiev Department of security Service of Ukraine. Poroshenko and his lawyers refused to accept a suspicion they think he tried to give illegal.

In July 2018 Semochko was appointed first Deputy head of the foreign intelligence Service. Poroshenko, who was then President of Ukraine, in April 2019 fired Semochko. Later Semochko appealed to the Supreme court the decree on his dismissal.