Tv host Lene Beier will help danes in need of some to talk with during the coronakrisen.

If you are curious as to how it is to work on the tv programs such as ‘Farmer looking for love’ or ‘Home to the farm’, so you may be lucky enough to get the answers directly from the programmes host, Lene Beier.

She reaches for now out a hand to the danes, who misses some to talk with during the coronakrisen and offers to take a talk over the phone. The she writes in a posting on Instagram.

“you Sit and feel lonely at home and miss a to talk a little bit with in these times? So, I would like to call you!”

“I have time to call every day after the childrens hjemmeskole is completed from 13.30 and 14.30, so send me a message, if I must call you so we can chat over a cup of coffee in each end of the tube,” writes Lene Beier.

She adds that there is talk about a talk about resolved and fixed.

“Ps. I have no idea whether there is a need, but I’m calling to so many, I can reach. Pps. I am not a psychologist or doctor! I think it is just nice to have a chat.”

in Addition to the ‘Farmer looking for love’ and ‘Home to the farm’ has Lene Beier among other things, been a host on the TV2 programme ‘A great day at the estate’. Privately, she is married to Anders Beier, and together they have sons, Arthur and Otto.

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