for Anyone planning new building projects and to implement, is often slowed down and is increasingly being blackmailed. Experience Patrick Müller from Kriens LU with multi-family houses, the holder AG in Neuhausen am Rheinfall, SH with high-rise buildings and the Maron AG in Romanshorn TG with a residential and commercial house.

But there is still much more complicated. Namely, if football clubs want to build stadiums. The project Odysseys ums goal space Süd in Aarau and the Hardturm stadium in Zurich.

New project, new Trouble

In Aarau in the Challenge League has been waiting eleven years to a new stadium. 2008 by the Aarau at the ballot box said Yes to a project, with a shopping center. However, Objections from local residents, who were drawn up in front of the Federal court further delayed the start of construction for years.

Then the General contractor HRS 2017 changed the project fundamentally, and planning, instead of shopping Mall four new high-rises, which should come to stand next to the stadium.

53 residents filed then Objections. At the earliest, in November, the Aarau have to vote again at the ballot box on the modified project.

< p > fate

Only after that the planning application for the stadium and high-rises can be submitted. And even then Appeals are possible again, which can be pulled in all instances. Further, year long delays threaten.

For Alfred Schmid, President of FC Aarau, the upcoming vote to all: “Without a stadium of professional football to die in our Canton. Thus, the vote is a fateful issue for the FC Aarau”, he says to VIEW.

After the vote is wrestling in front of the appeal

for much longer you are already in Zurich to a new stadium, the Hardturm-Areal. In 2002, the city introduced a new project with the name Pentagon. Investor: Credit Suisse.

But after winning a referendum, the first appeals were from environmental organizations and local residents. In the critique: height, noise pollution and Shadow casting. The project Pentagon died in 2009, in the appeal of the swamp, as the Credit Suisse unnerved announced the Project’s cancellation.


The zoning plan establishes where in a municipality for which the use of land is permitted. Here commercial and industrial, residential, public facilities. In traditional residential zones, for example, no commercial properties are allowed to be built. But there are also mixed forms, classically, the core zone may be allowed, where both moderately disruptive commercial and residential. In the zone plan is already resolved, where, for example, in residential zones, three storeys (W3) or only two levels (W2) can be built. To look specifications and Form of the buildings makes the zone plan.


In the building code planner, what is allowed on a single property, or prohibited. Must construction the gable roofs or flat required roofs? How high the building may be a maximum? There are provisions for the protection of the appearance of the village?

design plan

Especially in the case of larger developments, a design plan may be required. So you try to improve the quality of a Development. In the design plan is determined – much more accurate than when Zonenpan, such as several planned properties on a plot of land to be placed. Also the free areas, the driveways and the Parking spaces are defined here. In addition, the volume of the planned building. Against the district plan, one can litigate before the Swiss Federal court.


Who wants to build, a construction permit to submit, must be approved by the authorities. In the application is explained in detail, how a property is to be built over. From the color of the facade up to the depth of the balconies: In the application, it sets itself to the last Detail. Against the planning application can only be made up before the cantonal administrative court processed.

the city of Zurich, against 216-million-franc investment

The city of Zurich launched then in 2010, the Hypodrom. But the 216-million-franc investment was rejected by the Town people of Zurich at the ballot box, it is paper thin.

in 2014, the city of finally, a project competition for Investors. It is the so far last attempt to make a stadium for the FC Zürich and Grasshopper Club at the legs. In 2016, the city awarded the project Ensemble as the winner.

Now the football stadium is to be built, together with two high-rise buildings. In November 2018, the city of Zurich said after an emotional referendum campaign Yes to the project.

once Again, Objections and appeals

not threatening can be Built for a long time. Because according to the Yes to the project, the city must approve now, then a design plan for the Area. However, local residents and associations may charge, in turn, appeal – right of Recourse in front of the Federal court.

And so the planners must reckon. Because with Marcel Knörr, former FDP-Council and President of protecting the homeland, is a prominent project opponents at the Start. After the stadium vote, he announced in the SRF, to fight. “If need be. in front of the Federal court.”

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